Sunday, July 24, 2011

Say Hello

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hihi :)

oh and to my blog's new look! <3

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The “Name the Rule” Rule

This is my 29th rule

If you are an avid reader, you are among the few who knew that my blog posts before were numbered (Rule #1, Rule #2, Rule #3, blah blah) and they did not have sensible titles at all.  What they had were subtitles and after almost a year, I realized (yeah, just some days ago) that subtitles will never ever make up for titles.  Although they are called “sub”-titles, they are not enough “substitutes” for a title. Have I proven my point?

So for my 29th rule (and as a gift to myself for my 25th freakin’ birthday), I am re-titling all my previous blog posts (rules) and for the benefit of the readers who would happen to stumble upon my humble blog for the first time, I will also give a short but sweet intro of each. :)

From latest to oldest.

  1. The LOL Rule – How I abhor using the term “LOL” in written communication.
  1. The Eat All You Can Rule – How we sometimes confuse an all-you-can-eat buffet to an all-you-should-eat or all-you-think-you-deserve-to-eat one.
  1. The Proud to be Pinoy Rule – How I love Mikey Bustos and his vlogs about Pinoy traits and culture.
  1. The Love Just Ain’t Enough Rule – How sometimes, it is true (the title of the rule, I mean)
  1. The Love Thy Own Rule – How I became content of what I have.
  1. The Pag-aasawa is not equal to Kaning Mainit Rule – The rule I got from watching “My Amnesia Girl”, “I Do” and “Sex and the City part1” consecutively (within a couple of weeks).
  1. The Do Not Blog Rule – My motivation for not pushing myself to a new post. Haha!
  1. The Follow Through Rule – How I feel about New Year’s Resolutions
  1. The Count and Thank Rule – My way of giving thanks for all the blessings I have had for the year 2010.
  1. The Ipagmayabang Mo Rule – Nothing, just me bragging about my BDJ 2010 Planner. Hahaha!
  1. The Anger Rule – How I hate when somebody gives in to anger (ironic, eh? Haha)
  1. The Plan The Year Right Rule – How I once dreamed of having a BDJ Power Planner.
  1. The Nuffnang Rule – When I joined Nuffnang and made a rule out of it. Haha!
  1. The “do not pass on a chance of getting reunited with your good old friends” Rule – My 3rd and final installment of me sharing my UBE 6 adventures.(What is UBE?  Learn here)
  1. The “do not drink the Mindoro Sling” Rule – The 2nd installment.  How my friends and I bonded over the Mindoro Sling.
  1. The “take the weatherman seriously especially when you're going on a ferry ride” Rule – The 1st installment of my UBE 6 adventures and how my friends and I (think) we almost died on the ferry boat to Puerto Galera.
  1. The “think this when you’re really annoyed” Rule – How to be thankful you are not like them.
  1. The “Stop Hating. Start Appreciating” Rule – My favorite rule of all.
  1. The “Stuff No One Told Me but I learned Anyway” Rule – Visit this cool blog.
  1. The Christmas is not only for kids but for thieves, too Rule – My warning to my readers (all 9 of them, haha) to be safe especially during Christmas Season. :)
  1. The 30 Day Blog Challenge Rule – I’m still not yet done with this.  The 30 days are wayyyy over.  Hahaha!
  1. The Widower Rule – How to become a father after your wife died and you still have kids.
  1. The Commuters Rule – How to behave sweetly on your everyday commute.
  1. The Rule That was Supposed to Be – My attempt at dieting.  Hahaha!
  1. The Suck it Up Rule – Me sucking up self inferiority and starting to be awesome instead.  Hahaha!
  1. The Blogs ng Pinoy Rule - When I joined Blogs ng Pinoy and made a rule out of it. Haha!
  1. The Tropang Isda Rule– My masterpiece (I think), haha
  1. The Spokening Dollar Rule – Me paying respect to the English Grammar.

Man, that was tiring.  Haha!

I edited the aforementioned blog posts, too.  From now on, you will not see “Rule # anymore.  You will see real titles.  Haha!  Pardon me, since some titles are long, di kineri ng theme kong pang one-liner lang dapat ang title.  I will fix that real soon. :)

So there, something new on my 25th! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I just joined bloglovin'

Follow me, pretty please?

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Thanks Mommy Fleur for the inspiration. Now I can follow you! Haha!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The LOL Rule

I do not use the term "lol"

Not only because it sounds like the filipino foul word "ulol" and not just because i find it awkward and insulting to use it when a friend (I chat with) is trying to make me laugh:

Friend: Knock knock!
Me: Who’s there?
Friend: Pork chop masarap lagyan mo ng ketchup.
Me: Pork chop masarap lagyan mo ng ketchup who?
Friend: (to the tune of ke$ha's Tick Tock) Pork chop masarap lagyan mo ng ketchup. Tonight I’mma fight ‘til we see the sunlight!
Me: Lol.

I do not use it simply because it kinda steals the zest of a laughter, if it ever has one.  "Lol" is kinda like an emotion stealer.  I mean, how hard could typing "hahaha" be?   In fact, when a person I chat with cracks me up, I type hahaha as long as the laugh (or even the smile) is with me.  So the longer my haha, the more "benta" the joke is to me.  Isn't that more rewarding to the other party?

Friend: Use SCHOOLING in a sentence.
Me: Okay, use it.
Friend: *Ring, ring*…..Hello? Who SCHOOLING?
Me: lol


Friend: Use CONTEMPLATE in a sentence.
Me: Use it.
Friend: I went to a party last night. There was so much food pero co-CONTEMPLATE.
Me: hahahahahaha!! 

See the difference?! Haha!

Plus "lol"-ing is, more often than not, an exaggeration.  Add to it its relatives - lmao and rofl.  I don't know why and how people who have invented the terms have come to it, but I am darn sure whoever they are, they never really laughed their asses off or rolled on the floor laughing -- literally.  I mean, come on, who does that?!
I have nothing against the people who use it, but I just don't get it, sorry.  And don't even get me started on using "lol" in spoken communication. *tambling*
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