Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The 30 day blog challenge - Day 02

A picture of something you cannot live without

Hmmmm.. something I cannot live without.

If you're thinking mushy, please stop. No, I will not paste the photo of my boyfriend here.  I will not go on that direction.  Although I definitely could enumerate thousands of reasons why I can't (or should I say “can-but-I-choose-not-because-I-don’t-want-to”) live without him, still, I will not play the role of an overly sentimental girlfriend in this post.  That would be so predictable.  What can't you live without? My boyfriend… Argh…

 Nor will I state the obvious fact that without water, I cannot live.  Of course I can't! Alright, show of hands of those who can. (Waiting…) Yeah, that's what I thought. =p If I would be discussing the scientific explanation of why I am (well, all of humanity are) not designed to last without the universal solvent, that would be plain boring.  Well, that would be amusing if I were Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory.  But I'm not, so there you go.

Sssssssssoooooooo… what can I not live without? Hmmmmm…. Aha!!

Sleep!! :) sweet escape.

Try as I may, I am not nor will I ever be capable of making it through life without taking a nap.  Sure, I survived sleepless nights back in college.  And yeah, I also have sacrificed a lot of snorts due to a lot of reasons.  To name a few: heart aches, night outs, blog hopping, book reading, etc.  But after all the happenings and mishaps in my life, I do take a halt.  At the end of the day, I still end up lying down, closing my eyes and falling deep into the dreamland, where I am always welcome to put my mind to rest even after all the times I put it on the bottom of my priorities. Yeah. Just like the prodigal son who’s coming back home.

If I ever regret a thing in my life, that was when I always stubbornly refuse each time my mother forced me to sleep in the afternoon, way back childhood days.  I hated siestas so much.  But looking back and knowing what I know now, I thought… if I had only known how precious sleep was, I would’ve gladly obeyed.  I would’ve jumped at every given opportunity that I could to take a break from all the craziness of my day.  But that was over and gone.  The then “take me whenever you want” sleep, is now a “take me now or you may never get the chance again” sleep. *sigh*

Now, why can’t I live without it?  Let me answer that question with another one.  Can you? =p 

If you’re saying you can, you probably are making a fool of yourself (and that’s not healthy).  Sleep is the ever reliable reward one can give to himself after a tiring day.  It deletes whatever issues you have in mind (until you wake up and you realize you don’t want to get over it yet, haha!).  It is an underrated act of giving one’s self a heaven’s treat.  It’s just that sleeping is so ordinary that we do not see and appreciate the beauty of it.  But as I am thinking deeply about it, it is after all the part of the day we look forward to the most. :)


Baby said...

And you get to dream of me, too! :P

SintheaP. said...

with the work i have, i rarely get enough Z's. my work schedule is very unstable, hence my hitting the sack goes the same way. so, when i get my time off i make sure I get a good snooze. :D

jaq b. said...

@ep - is that you?!?!?! :D

@sinthea - tama... sleep is sweeter when you've been deprived of it for a long time.. :D

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