Saturday, October 29, 2011

The “When You're Starving and You Know It, Dine at Army Navy” Rule

 who's on a diet?

Where we work, the fast food chains/restaurants are so few, so when a new one is put up, no matter how long a walk it would take -- my team mates and I would always "dream" of going there.  We're hayok to new tastes of food like that.

Some month(s?) ago, Army Navy was built not near our building.  We've always tried to eat there but something is always stopping us.  Until one full of SL/EL day, when my team of 7 comprised of 3, we decided to temporarily "close" the store to pig out.  And boy, pig out, we did.

Here are my Army Navy - first timer - buddies.

Ate Janet, Ronnie, Me, JR
I'm not saying that one of these people - the most generous one - treated us to this meal, but I'm also not saying that he didn't. :p

Here are some pictures from the place (sorry, iTouch lang ginamit ko, huhuhu)

This is where people order and get their food

Nice the names they gave to their food, I like! :)

Ate Janet and I ordered their Double Burger + Cheese + Bacon for 195 + 30 + 30 petot.

photo from their site

I swear I didn't expect that this would be sssssoooo huge! Mcdo double burger ata nasa isip ko when I ordered this.  But but but, it tastes ssssooooo good! Even yummier than Stackers burger, ka-leveling ng Brother’s burger, super juicy the meat! *lunok*  However, my stomach space wasn't able to contain all of it.  As in.  Only two to three bites left, I feel like throwing up na.  Ronnie saw it in my face, naawa ang lolo, tinulungan na ko, hahaha!  Hiya lang talaga kong di ubusin kasi.. ehem. :p  Buti na lang may sumalo :)

JR ordered the Starving Sailor (steak) which is at 235 petot.
Isang dangkal ni JR itey, kaloka.  I thought he, too, wouldn't be able to finish it up, but he did! Haha!  It tasted good daw, I wasn't able to try it, burger ko nga di ko maubos, hihingi pa ko sa iba?! :p
Ronnie had their Steak Quesadilla for 165 petot.

Masarap din daw.  See, manipis lang yung food nya kaya na-take nya pa yung burger ko.  Hehehe.
We also ordered "Freedom Fries" and Onion Rings at 65 petot each.

Ronnie's the Onion Ring fan kaya we had this.  Ako, I never was because this is just fried onion with dressing, right?  Haha.  But in all fairness, this wasn't that bad.  I've tasted Greenwich's version, lasang lasa talaga ang sibuyas.  Dito, no.  Kewl. :)

On the other hand....

It's like a combo of Mcdo-KFC french fries.  The thinness of Mcdo's and the flavor of KFC's but only more spicy and less umay *lunok*.  Gusto ko to! ^_^

For the drinks, I had their Vanilla Milkshake *which is masarap*, feel na feel ko ang American style meryenda, haha!  Ate Janet and JR had Chocolate Milkshake and Ronnie had the "LiberTea" *aka Iced Tea*

Milkshakes cost 99 petot each, the LiberTea costs 55 petot (regular)

All in all, super sulit na kahit medyo may kamahalan.  But like what Kris Aquino said, we got more than what we he paid for!!!  Will I go back?  Definitely! Pero Burger na lang oorderin ko next time, ha?  Para maubos ko na, hehehe ^_^
Check their menu on their website:

Mission Accomplished indeed!!!! ^_^

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The 30 day blog challenge - Day 21

Share a picture from your day

Technically this is from yesterday since it's already past 12, but what the hell. :p

I just got a new Patrick Star tumbler, thanks to KFC! More Spongebob themed bucket meals pleasssseee! :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear D10,

Why do you have to give up on me exactly one day after your warranty expired? Seriously, you (among other things) really make me sad. Was I not good to you? :(

I do not want to start counting the things I've done for you but I'm really upset because you died on me and I don't know how it happened and I don't know who or what to blame. All I want to do now is to blame you, because you left me... Why? :(

You were the first ever gadget I bought from my hard earned promotional increase when I became an SE. When the strap that came with you for free got broken, I immediately bought you a new one; I even added a case because I don't want you lying around without protection. Your case was not an ordinary case, you know. It was not available to be bought on the mall and no other case can replace it because it was built only for your kind. I could've bought some pouch that's not as expensive, but I didn't. I bought you YOUR case and nothing less. :(

I was not greedy of you, I never was. :( I let my friends borrow you when they go out of town, because I know how helpful you will be for them. Heck you’ve been to places before I am. I even let my brother borrow you even though I don't trust him because he's burara. He proved it when he lost your case when he went on a field trip. I was very mad then, I wanted to let him replace it but I know he has no money so I just went ahead to buy a new one for you and I purchased it IMMEDIATELY. The feeling I felt when your first case was delivered, that was the same feeling I had when the replacement came. I was very relieved. That's how much I didn't want you to be homeless. :(

I admit there are times that I take you for granted and I am so sorry for that. :( But I got back to my senses right? I even made a blog post about it. :( About how I was so wrong of almost losing my love for you and how much I was so proud of you for proving me wrong. Was that not enough? :(

Seriously D10, I still need you, please don't die on me yet. :( I'm not yet ready to buy a new camera, just looking at how broad other options are makes my head ache. I'm really confused right now. I just wish you come back from the dead so that this madness will all be over.

Please don't leave me. :( I miss you. :'(

Tired of reading camera reviews,
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