Monday, February 28, 2011

The Love Thy Own Rule

Love thy own

I have been thinking a lot lately about how my beloved and first ever digicam somehow seem to lose its glory.  I mean, seeing others' pictures taken with a DSLR, my pictures (as compared to theirs) looked awfully dull.  

I used to joke around friends who own a DSLR, challenging them to soak our cameras in water and see afterwards who really has the better one.  Haha! You see, that made me feel good.  Knowing that even though this is not the most sought after camera in the world today, this has something that DSLR's do not have -- its waterproof-ness!

However, the waterproof-ness of this camera is only useful during summer (or if not summer, just when I'm at the beach or something).  And the past four months (I bought this last October) is not summer.  Yes, it was indeed "hot" on our Puerto Galera Trip, but after that, this has been nothing but a plain point-and-shoot camera where almost everything was taken above water and not under it.

I guess I fell in love with it once again the time we went to see Pyrolympics at the Mall of Asia last February 19 (which by the way is V and I's 3rd year anniversary *wink*)

I used it to take pictures of the fireworks and it did pretty well :)

A friend also took pictures using this camera when we visited the Hot Air Balloon Festival last February 13 in Clark, Pampanga.  Here are some of her nice shots. :)

only after Jejo used this did I know of the Color Accent feature thingy my camera has, yes.
it's a shame but I didn't know I could make pictures look this good on my D10

I thought my love for my D10 was restored alright.  I was already comfortable using it again.  But this camera is just full of surprises.  It's not contented to make me fall in love again, it just had to sweep me off my feet. <3

Wanna know why? Here's why.

V and I recently went to Baguio to witness their annual float parade in celebration of the famous Panagbenga (detailed kwento of this, to follow *cross fingers*).  Unfortunately, we underestimated the amount of people that were going to see it, too.  So we ended up not locating a decent place to see the parade, we ended up watching from the overpass.  Worse, we are not in front of the line, we were on the third row.  I was really sad because I wanted to take pictures in details. :( But since it seemed that we had no choice, we settled for it.  It sucked but I had no other option but to take pictures from afar.  Really frustrating.

This is how far we were.

But of course, I will not settle to little figures, I had to zoom in.  I didn’t want to at first, because I thought that the pictures would just look “pixelated” and nobody wants that.  But V convinced me that that will not happen. So I did, I took pictures on 5x to 12x zoom, and to my surprise, even without flash, the pictures were great! I mean, not blurry and not pixelated at all.

you see? not blurred even when they're in motion! :)
whipping her hair back and forth!

Di ba? Di ba? Di ba?

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