Friday, December 31, 2010

i came, i saw, iTouch :)

Hell yeah!

Hell yeah, I now have me a new iPod Touch 4G!!! ^_^

What made me even more happy in buying it is that I only got it for an unbelievable price of 13,200 pesos!!! ^_^ (Mind you, we're talking 32 gig)

Yes, it is true.  13,200 pesos ONLY.  I don't know if many of you already knew this, but as for me, I used to believe this costs 14K to 15K.  But as V and I canvassed in every electronics store we laid our eyes on, we eventually found two stores who sell it for 13,200.  One was in Robinsons' Ermita, the other one in Megamall.  We've known this early December pa but (we) decided that I don't buy yet because we're hoping we'd win one of these from Christmas Raffles.  But the magic only stayed with Maude, so no, we didn't get one. :-/

Come Christmas day, we went to Rob because I decided to buy it already.  But to our surprise, the then 13,200 became 14,7++!!! I was really devastated and shocked and sad.  I was like that that I came close to considering not buying one. :(

But still, I didn't lose hope, I visited the other store in Megamall.  But I failed again. :(  Their price, too, increased to fourteen something thousand. :(  Again, sadness.

So I (temporarily) gave up.  Thinking that I'll take my chances next year na lang.  Maybe the price increase is due to the holidays.

On the other hand, while I didn't get to win any gadget on any raffle or any contest that I joined, I still got a consolation.  It is no less than a 500 pesos Sodexho Gift Certificate. :)

One fine day, I decided to redeem my prize.  It is to be picked up at the Makati Stock Exchange building in Ayala.  I was really sick that day, but I didn't want to let the 500 pesos pass, aba, 500 din yun!  So I went.  MSE is near Park Square 1, well, not really near but to me, it is.  And Park Square 1, well, if you'd been there, you'd know there are loads of electronics stores there.  So after claiming my consolation prize, I gave visiting it a try.

I went to one store to another asking how much is the iTouch 4G, 32GB and hearing 15 thousand to 16 thousand over and over again.  I was close to giving up, my body was really weak at the time because of my stupid cold  but I didn't.  I pushed myself to walk through every store of every corner and see if maybe I'll get lucky.  With my clogged nose and all, I wasn't really in the mood to speak much.  The last store I saw, I thought of not asking na because the exit is almost beside it and I just wanted to go home.  Thank goodness Kuya (some staff there) went out to entertain me, so what the heck, I gave it a shot.

Me: Kuya, magkano yung iTouch 4G niyo na 32 gig?
Kuya: 13,200 po.
Me: *sparkling eyes* 13,200??? ^_^
Kuya: Yes mam.
Me: May warranty po ba yan? (kunyaring nagtatanong ng ekek)
Kuya: Opo, one year po, blah blah blah
Me: Sure ka kuya ha, 13,200 ha?  Sige po, thank you. *dukot cellphone, text V*

Wahahaha!  To cut the long story short, I went home because I was really freakin' sick and took some rest.  I wooed V into accompanying me the next day to buy it na.  I really wanted him to be there when I buy it. ^_^

So the next day, we came.  We saw.  We bought! ^_^

P.S. Masscratch out ko na sa wish list ko ito! ^_^

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Count and Thank Rule

do not just count your blessings, 
be thankful for them.

Hence, this entry.  I think I’mma do this yearly. God help me, this is my first try.  Although I am thankful for a lot and even the littlest things, let me highlight the top 24.  Why 24? Because I turned 24 this 2010. *wink*


24 Thank ‘ems

I’m thankful….

  1. Because I’m still alive and that none of my loved ones were taken away from me this year. :)
  2. For friends that stayed with me thru the years and for friends I recently met. :)
  3. For my boyfriend, V, for being so good at loving me and for the beautiful relationship we have. :) For the times when he’s on lambing mode and for the exchange of “I love you’s” we had.
  4. For this blog, for being an outlet of the many emotions brought about by the many experiences I had.
  5. Because I was promoted to Senior Programmer this year :) And for the salary increase that came with it. ;p
  6. That Tenement still wasn’t demolished and that we still get to keep our home.
  7. That Ate Lala got to visit us here (twice this 2010) after a year’s stay in Singapore.
  8. That V got to buy his first motorcycle and that he hasn’t encountered life changing street accidents this year (I hope to God he doesn’t have to go over that experience)
  9. Because I got to buy my first digital camera!!
  10. For the free lunch outs/meriendas/dinner outs my team mates / project mates provided.
  11. For Fridays and long weekends!
  12. For this PC my ate Lala bought this year. :)
  13. For the unending learnings I gain with each ticket assigned to me and also for the ones that were close to being no-brainers ;p
  14. For the movie dates, wala lang dates, out of town dates V and I had. :)
  15. For new found addictions: Glee and Vampire Diaries.
  16. For the new experiences and places visited this year, like Puerto Galera, Bauan and Anilao Batangas.
  17. For the birthday greetings :)
  18. Because I saw Papa Piolo in person this year!! Up close!!
  19. That we (my college classmates and I) still got to squeeze UBE 6 in to our tight schedules.
  20. For my BDJ 2011 Power Planner!!
  21. For ate suzie for being the most amazing mentor I ever had.
  22. Because I received the book I have been longing to have this year, thanks to my project mate, I now have Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World (part 1 and 2).
  23. That I haven’t been victimized by “holdapers” or swindlers ever in my life.
  24. For the 9 followers of this blog. :) And for or the anonymous readers, too. :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 Fun Things I Can Do with a new Lenovo Laptop

Oh gosh, enumerating fun things I can do with a Lenovo G460 is never difficult.   

What’s more challenging is summarizing it!  Haha!  My list reached more than twenty and I found it real hard to pick my top ten.  Nevertheless, I managed to do so. 

So here, the ten fun things I can do if I ever be lucky enough to have a new Lenovo Laptop.

  1. Roll over the floor with so much happiness upon receiving it.
  2. After receiving it and upon going home, I will carry it and protect it with my life (while smiling).  I can almost imagine myself on a jeepney, sitting joyfully while hugging the package.  ^_^
  3. Upon arriving at our house, I will not even change clothes; I will immediately open it and explore everything about it.  I will try installing apps and opening them all at the same time, I know for sure that this powerful laptop will not slow down.  What with its memory of up to 4 GB RAM, it definitely wouldn’t lose speed.
  4. I will also transfer all the files (music, videos, pictures, documents) I have from our desktop and from all the CD’s and DVD’s burnt from the past years, thinking that I finally could collate and revisit them anytime I want!
  5. I will go out with it; I will bring it with me even on out of town vacations or on the mall or even when I’m just hanging out in our neighborhood, you know, so everybody would know I have one. Haha!
  6. Hey! I could blog anytime! Anywhere!  Any moment an idea pops out of my brilliant head, I could jot them down right ahead with this portable device!
  7. I could stay in touch with loved ones from far away.  Especially my ate in Singapore who’s almost always wanting to see how we are, I think she would be really happy seeing us in a 0.3 megapixel webcam.
  8. I could also start working on personal projects.  Like for example, I’ve been really wanting to master photo and video editing.  I also wanted to learn how “dual booting” works but since our PC at home is for everybody, I couldn’t afford to stay and use it the whole day because my brother, sister, nephew and niece are waiting for their chance, too, to go online.
  9. With this Lenovo Laptop, I also will try to learn how to play DOTA. So I could finally relate with my boyfriend and his obsession. Haha!
  10. Finally, after a long day of using it while adoring the beauty of it, I would take a deep rest, readying myself for another day as I sleep beside it. :)

Wish me luck! ^_^


Dear Nokia C7,

First of all, let me give you a quick history of my cellphone-dependent life.

My first ever cellphone was a Nokia 3210, I was in high school back then.  My Kuya Jimmy literally had to break his thriftbox (alkansya) just to buy me that.  He knows I want a cellphone so bad so the five peso coins he religiously collected, he selflessly gave away just to buy one.  It was bought second hand though, but I didn’t mind, I was just happy I finally had one.


My second cellphone was a Nokia 3310.  I think the 3210 died of old age that’s why I needed a new one.  The 3310 was a hand over phone; it was originally from my kuya, yes, the same kuya who bought the first one.  But this phone was sort of damaged already.  The battery was short lived and I don’t exactly remember its other issues, but I remember wanting a new one to replace it.

One unfortunate day, Kuya Jimmy let me borrow his Nokia 3315 because I was going to be out of town that day.  I needed a mode of communication that would function for a whole day so he generously handed it to me.  But as it was an unfortunate day, the 3315 disappeared. L  It wasn’t snatched, I wasn’t victimized by a hold-up, it just disappeared.  I don’t know why and I don’t know how but it vanished from my possession.  Kuya was very angry when he found out and I was very sorry.  I had no cellphone for some time because of that incident. Being a text addict at the time, I was really frustrated.

Eventually, he gave me a new cellphone.  Well, not really “new” as it was again second hand, but I loved it.  It was a Sony Ericsson K300i.  My first colored phone.  This was given to him by his girlfriend but after a lot of “insisting sessions” to convince him to give it to me, he eventually gave in.  He’s never the type to get interested with luxurious phones anyway, so the hand off was not that painful on his side.  But this phone has damages too; the incoming calls cannot be heard!!!  Well, it could be with the use of a headphone, but it’s very irritating to have to connect the headset each time the phone rings.  Still I loved that phone nevertheless.  But it seemed to have not loved me back as it failed to boot one very awful day, that day being my birthday. L  It was really frustrating.

The next phone was handed to me by another sibling, my ate Lala.  A Nokia 8250.  Ate must have been a very neat owner for it was at the time the phone with the least defects I ever had.  The batteries are working well, the audio works fine too.  The only problem was it’s too tiny.  The keypad is so small and so hard to press; I remember a tiny callus had formed on my right thumb back then.  I wasn’t sure na of how this phone got out of my ownership, but the next phone I had was a handover from my father naman.


A Sony Ericsson T230.  This one also had problems, of course.  The audio in works fine, I can perfectly hear the person on the other side of the line.  But he cannot hear me, haha!  In short, the mouthpiece is the one with defect.  I remember I was applying for an OJT position then and I wasn’t accepted to my dream company because of this phone.  I was almost hired but I missed a lot of calls, well I got to answer them, but no conversations occurred, just me shouting “HELLO” over and over again, still unaware of the defective mouthpiece, so I guess they just dropped me from the list. L

My first cellphone that is not “second hand” was no other than a China Phone Hahaha! (oooops, I didn't find a picture that looked exactly like the one I had)  I’m sorry, we’re not well off and that’s what my Ate Lala could afford at the time, so I gladly accepted it.  Plus I was itching to lose the T230 so I actually didn’t mind what phone will replace it, I didn’t care if it was China.

My cellphone now is a Nokia 2700.  This is by far the most decent one I have ever had.  Haha.  But, as usual, it is also a hand over phone.  This is originally my ate lala’s, she applied for a Sun Cellular Plan and this is the free handset she got.  She brought it to Singapore, thinking that she will use Sun’s international roaming technology to keep in touch.  But she found out that it is so expensive to a point that she exceeded the maximum of her credit limit.  She had another phone so she technically wouldn’t need this if not for its original purpose, and since she found a cheaper way of communicating with us (I think it was Smart’s sister company in SG), she gave this to me and I had to continue paying for the plan.

In summary, I already had seven cellphones.  Six of them were second hand; one was brand new, the brand being China.  So do I deserve a new phone?  YES.  And I deserve the best.

It is really in my list of to-buys, a new phone.  But it is yet in the bottom for I have not yet found the perfect one that fits my taste and my needs.  Oh no, scratch that, that was before I found you C7 and now that I did, I want you so bad.

Why?  You do not know why?  Oh gosh… If you could only see yourself the way I see you.  How can I not love you?

You are so sleek and your stylish design fits the kikay in me.

It’s not that 8 GB of internal memory isn’t enough, but I can actually expand your memory up to 40 GB by adding a Micro SD mc of 32 GB!  More music, more pictures, more movies for me!

I can connect to the web and with friends, whenever, wherever, with your Wi-Fi network positioning!

Although I have a digicam, I don’t always bring it and I miss a lot of picturesque moments without it.  But with you and your 8 MP camera, I don’t think I still would for you would enable me to capture moments and sceneries in high resolution, even without my camera!

My workplace is one and a half hour away from our house and the everyday commuting really bores me.  I see other people not minding the travel time for they have a gadget similar to you to accompany them.  I get envious everytime.  If I had you, I could also do what they do.  I could listen to thousands of music, I could watch videos and movies, and I could play different games while stuck in traffic.  

I could DO all these with you.
I could BE all these with you.

If only you would be mine, Nokia C7.

My hands are waiting for you,

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why, hello there.. December ^_^

My Christmas Wish List for 2010

When I first thought of having this kind of post, I thought I would bore you, my beloved readers, and myself because I only thought of a two wishes.  But after a while, and to my surprise, I had way more than that! Hahaha.. I know all these might not be achieved this year, but what the heck, I will still spill it out.  Hoping that Santa, if he's ever alive, would stumble upon this post and be kind enough to give these wishes, it's not like I'm asking for too much here. Hahahaha.


Wish 1 - Apple iPod Touch (Gen 4)

When Ate Lala asked what I want for Christmas, I told her "lahat ng gusto ko nagsisimula sa i". Haha.  But seriously, I have the hots for iPod Touch.  I'm not YET attracted to iPad or iPhone, I want this one. Badly. Like for real.

Wish 2 - Laptop
It's not that I want VAIO, but I like the way it looks so I chose a picture of it to post here. ;p
It's been my dream since college to have my own laptop once I could afford it.  It may seem too "maluho" given the fact that we already have a desktop, but for Chrissakes, I've been imagining myself for so long having one of these.  I want one but I want to have more than enough money first.  I don't want to be zeroed out after buying this, so maybe if someone could give it to me as a gift..... hmmmmm..... :)

Wish 3 -Mountaineering Gears

V and I joined the outdoor club of the company we're working for. Though we haven't been able to join one of their treks yet, I just want to be ready.  Plus, I think these gears are pretty expensive, so.......

Wish 4 -North Face Bag

In addition to my wish number 3, I want a North Face bag.

Wish 5 -Canon Powershot D10 Accessories

Ang mahal e... huhuhuhuhu...

Wish 6 - DVDs of a few of my beloved series. :)

For Scrubs, I only want the last season.  But for Spongebob and Grey's, I want a complete compilation from Season 1 to n (where n = current season) ;p

There you go, Santa.  Take your pick. :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Shopping Part 1


In realizing my goal of starting my Christmas shopping before this month ends, I went to Divisoria today. ^_^

With my list and a 5k cash on hand and Ate Jeng with her re-usable bag ready, we ventured into the streets of this famous market district.

Ate's reusable bag: BEFORE
We went there at around 2PM and I was skeptic if I would be able to buy anything from my list because it is a known fact that almost all Filipino people would be roaming around DV by now. But thank Heavens for a bigger 168, our 4 hour shopping time was a success!

Ate's reusable bag: AFTER

I was able to buy baby clothes for three of my inaanaks for 400 pesos and clothes for six of my pamangkins (Kuya's side) for 1280 pesos. Cheap, huh?! :) Can't post the pictures here because that would ruin the gift, but I can assure you that these clothes don't look their price. ^_^

I also got to buy gifts for my two kuyas and Ate Joan (Kuya Jandre's wife) for 600, and gifts for my fish friends for 250. :)

I have a separate list for myself and yes, I bought half of it! ^_^

I got this two cute blouses for 250 each and one slacks for 300 at Juana. Gosh, I now love Juana! :)

Juana is literally at every corner of 168, it is so easy to find :)


I have always wanted a long-sleeved shirt, but I couldn't find one that would look good on me and my chubby body :( But not this one. ;p Bought it for 250 and it was great!

I also wanted a new sling bag that would go with anything. This seemed perfect. The original price was 350, but to my surprise, it's on discount and that's why I got it for 315 pesos.

I also wanted lots of plain shirts. And so I bought these three, for 300 pesos.

A bling-bling would look cute on a plain shirt, so I also bought one at a store called Sakura for 150 pesos. :)

I actually never felt a pain on my feet until Ate and I stopped to take merienda. I was enjoying and loving the "shopping for gifts feeling" the whole time. ^_^ This is actually the first time that I'd buy a present for everyone, because this is also the first time that I could afford to buy for everyone. Haha. Last year, I only bought gifts for my siblings and inaanaks, the nephews and nieces - I ignored. Haha!

Anyhoo... thank God my Divisoria experience this year is not that bad. But I guess I won't be seeing Divi again until next year. Christmas shopping shall still proceed though, this time, on various (?!) SM and-slash-or Ayala malls. 

my shopping list :)


Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ipagmayabang Mo Rule

If you have it, brag about it ;p

Oh, yes.  I finally got it!

My first Belle De Jour Power Planner!!!! ^_^

I'm sorry if I am this excited, you see, you should know where I'm coming from.

 My planner from 2007 is MIA. Didn't make an effort to find it because our house is under renovation right now.

2010 was a year of tickets a lot of things to be planned, well at least for me.

You see, Goldilocks' planner used to suffice for my needs, but now that I've got a lot of things that I have to remember, it's sad to say but I NEED SPACE. Haha. A bigger writing space, that is. ;p And the BDJ planner, along with its many perks, seem to fit my needs. :)

I bought it the day after I found out about it. Talk about impulse, eh? Haha! I originally wanted the spiral one, but as my mind was clouded with excitement with the thought of seeing it in person, I didn't notice that what the cashier gave me was the hardbound one. But Rule#10 people.. there is no room for regrets. I didn't mind if it's hardbound, it's the BDJ Planner dammit!!! ^_^


This is the part where I flaunt the contents of this awesome power planner. Let me start off with my favorites.


There are over 50 coupons of various stores in here. What's exciting about this is that they have this promo, wherein if you got to use at least 50 of these, kept the receipts and presented it to them by the end of the year, your 2012 PP will be given to you... for free!! :) You get to avail of discounts and a free BDJ PP in return, how cool is that?!

Checklist! I'm a believer of the quote "live your life to the fullest". I've been meaning to create my list of "things to do before I die" but procrastination gets the best of me. And here, this planner made my life easy! Haha!

And oh, I spotted one that's ready to be scratched out! ;)

The weekly view (can you see the vast writing space?!) Haha!

The perks of the weekly view:


 Bills Tracker.

I haven't thought about this EVER before. But since BDJ has put up a space for this, why not? Maybe it's time I track the outgoing cash, rather than tracking only what's incoming. Haha!

Cash Flow Tracker.

This might be hard for me as I am really magastos and I am not used to taking note of the things I use my money for. But I swear, in 2011, I'll *try to* start monitoring my expenses and savings.

The Vacation Planner.

Yeah, I think the space is tiny too. But anyhoo....

The BDJ Essentials notebook (and its perks).

Important Events Tracker

Project Planner

Anything goes page :)

My Lists

Detachable Calling Cards :)

I will never get enough of this excitement until the first day of 2011. Woooooooooh! Sana 2011 na! 


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