Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 Fun Things I Can Do with a new Lenovo Laptop

Oh gosh, enumerating fun things I can do with a Lenovo G460 is never difficult.   

What’s more challenging is summarizing it!  Haha!  My list reached more than twenty and I found it real hard to pick my top ten.  Nevertheless, I managed to do so. 

So here, the ten fun things I can do if I ever be lucky enough to have a new Lenovo Laptop.

  1. Roll over the floor with so much happiness upon receiving it.
  2. After receiving it and upon going home, I will carry it and protect it with my life (while smiling).  I can almost imagine myself on a jeepney, sitting joyfully while hugging the package.  ^_^
  3. Upon arriving at our house, I will not even change clothes; I will immediately open it and explore everything about it.  I will try installing apps and opening them all at the same time, I know for sure that this powerful laptop will not slow down.  What with its memory of up to 4 GB RAM, it definitely wouldn’t lose speed.
  4. I will also transfer all the files (music, videos, pictures, documents) I have from our desktop and from all the CD’s and DVD’s burnt from the past years, thinking that I finally could collate and revisit them anytime I want!
  5. I will go out with it; I will bring it with me even on out of town vacations or on the mall or even when I’m just hanging out in our neighborhood, you know, so everybody would know I have one. Haha!
  6. Hey! I could blog anytime! Anywhere!  Any moment an idea pops out of my brilliant head, I could jot them down right ahead with this portable device!
  7. I could stay in touch with loved ones from far away.  Especially my ate in Singapore who’s almost always wanting to see how we are, I think she would be really happy seeing us in a 0.3 megapixel webcam.
  8. I could also start working on personal projects.  Like for example, I’ve been really wanting to master photo and video editing.  I also wanted to learn how “dual booting” works but since our PC at home is for everybody, I couldn’t afford to stay and use it the whole day because my brother, sister, nephew and niece are waiting for their chance, too, to go online.
  9. With this Lenovo Laptop, I also will try to learn how to play DOTA. So I could finally relate with my boyfriend and his obsession. Haha!
  10. Finally, after a long day of using it while adoring the beauty of it, I would take a deep rest, readying myself for another day as I sleep beside it. :)

Wish me luck! ^_^

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