Friday, December 31, 2010

i came, i saw, iTouch :)

Hell yeah!

Hell yeah, I now have me a new iPod Touch 4G!!! ^_^

What made me even more happy in buying it is that I only got it for an unbelievable price of 13,200 pesos!!! ^_^ (Mind you, we're talking 32 gig)

Yes, it is true.  13,200 pesos ONLY.  I don't know if many of you already knew this, but as for me, I used to believe this costs 14K to 15K.  But as V and I canvassed in every electronics store we laid our eyes on, we eventually found two stores who sell it for 13,200.  One was in Robinsons' Ermita, the other one in Megamall.  We've known this early December pa but (we) decided that I don't buy yet because we're hoping we'd win one of these from Christmas Raffles.  But the magic only stayed with Maude, so no, we didn't get one. :-/

Come Christmas day, we went to Rob because I decided to buy it already.  But to our surprise, the then 13,200 became 14,7++!!! I was really devastated and shocked and sad.  I was like that that I came close to considering not buying one. :(

But still, I didn't lose hope, I visited the other store in Megamall.  But I failed again. :(  Their price, too, increased to fourteen something thousand. :(  Again, sadness.

So I (temporarily) gave up.  Thinking that I'll take my chances next year na lang.  Maybe the price increase is due to the holidays.

On the other hand, while I didn't get to win any gadget on any raffle or any contest that I joined, I still got a consolation.  It is no less than a 500 pesos Sodexho Gift Certificate. :)

One fine day, I decided to redeem my prize.  It is to be picked up at the Makati Stock Exchange building in Ayala.  I was really sick that day, but I didn't want to let the 500 pesos pass, aba, 500 din yun!  So I went.  MSE is near Park Square 1, well, not really near but to me, it is.  And Park Square 1, well, if you'd been there, you'd know there are loads of electronics stores there.  So after claiming my consolation prize, I gave visiting it a try.

I went to one store to another asking how much is the iTouch 4G, 32GB and hearing 15 thousand to 16 thousand over and over again.  I was close to giving up, my body was really weak at the time because of my stupid cold  but I didn't.  I pushed myself to walk through every store of every corner and see if maybe I'll get lucky.  With my clogged nose and all, I wasn't really in the mood to speak much.  The last store I saw, I thought of not asking na because the exit is almost beside it and I just wanted to go home.  Thank goodness Kuya (some staff there) went out to entertain me, so what the heck, I gave it a shot.

Me: Kuya, magkano yung iTouch 4G niyo na 32 gig?
Kuya: 13,200 po.
Me: *sparkling eyes* 13,200??? ^_^
Kuya: Yes mam.
Me: May warranty po ba yan? (kunyaring nagtatanong ng ekek)
Kuya: Opo, one year po, blah blah blah
Me: Sure ka kuya ha, 13,200 ha?  Sige po, thank you. *dukot cellphone, text V*

Wahahaha!  To cut the long story short, I went home because I was really freakin' sick and took some rest.  I wooed V into accompanying me the next day to buy it na.  I really wanted him to be there when I buy it. ^_^

So the next day, we came.  We saw.  We bought! ^_^

P.S. Masscratch out ko na sa wish list ko ito! ^_^

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