Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why, hello there.. December ^_^

My Christmas Wish List for 2010

When I first thought of having this kind of post, I thought I would bore you, my beloved readers, and myself because I only thought of a two wishes.  But after a while, and to my surprise, I had way more than that! Hahaha.. I know all these might not be achieved this year, but what the heck, I will still spill it out.  Hoping that Santa, if he's ever alive, would stumble upon this post and be kind enough to give these wishes, it's not like I'm asking for too much here. Hahahaha.


Wish 1 - Apple iPod Touch (Gen 4)

When Ate Lala asked what I want for Christmas, I told her "lahat ng gusto ko nagsisimula sa i". Haha.  But seriously, I have the hots for iPod Touch.  I'm not YET attracted to iPad or iPhone, I want this one. Badly. Like for real.

Wish 2 - Laptop
It's not that I want VAIO, but I like the way it looks so I chose a picture of it to post here. ;p
It's been my dream since college to have my own laptop once I could afford it.  It may seem too "maluho" given the fact that we already have a desktop, but for Chrissakes, I've been imagining myself for so long having one of these.  I want one but I want to have more than enough money first.  I don't want to be zeroed out after buying this, so maybe if someone could give it to me as a gift..... hmmmmm..... :)

Wish 3 -Mountaineering Gears

V and I joined the outdoor club of the company we're working for. Though we haven't been able to join one of their treks yet, I just want to be ready.  Plus, I think these gears are pretty expensive, so.......

Wish 4 -North Face Bag

In addition to my wish number 3, I want a North Face bag.

Wish 5 -Canon Powershot D10 Accessories

Ang mahal e... huhuhuhuhu...

Wish 6 - DVDs of a few of my beloved series. :)

For Scrubs, I only want the last season.  But for Spongebob and Grey's, I want a complete compilation from Season 1 to n (where n = current season) ;p

There you go, Santa.  Take your pick. :)

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Maudey said...

naunahan mo ko labs.. nasa drafts ko na yung wishlist ko eh.. hahaha..

parehas tayo ng first two.. :P

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