Thursday, January 5, 2012


In roughly 10 hours from now, my dear friend Maude will be leaving the Philippines to continue her career in Singapore. :(  Although I know that we will be seeing each other again soon (hopefully in June) and although SG, as they say, is "malapit lang naman", knowing that we are not going to be in the same country anymore makes us really sad.  It doesn't even lessen the sadness knowing that we're still gonna be within the same time zone.  Technology might help, but it is not enough replacement for my friend.  We will miss you truly, babes. :(

Yesterday was our "last" dinner date with Em.  Nothing extraordinary because it was a work day, we just watched a movie after dinner and then we split ways.  But during dinner, we were enumerating the changes that might happen once Maude goes out of the country.  Sino na mag aayos ng UBE?  Magkikita-kita pa ba tayo? *because you see, she's almost always the "initiator" of girl's nights out* Wala nang pag-ssleep-over-an. :( And so on and so forth.  Funny, because although we all are aware of the drastic changes that will (or might) happen once she's gone (well, not really gone, ha? haha), we still wouldn't really know the difference until we're really there.  Why are you doing this to us, babes?  Haha :p

But I admire her.. Of course, I have always had.  I know this is really hard for her, especially knowing how emotional she is when thinking about the people she'll leave behind. But because this is also for the best, she set the drama queen in her aside and grabbed the opportunity that might not knock again if she lets go.  You made the right move, babes.  With that, balato sa kikitain mo.. ha? :p

Since our motto is "Once an ISDA, always an ISDA", of course babes, nandito lang kami palagi.  We are one e-mail away, one facebook comment/status/message away, one tweet away, one BBM away (kung jojoin ka sa club, haha) orrrr one Viber away if you decide to go Apple, haha!  We were successful in keeping in touch always with April, kahit nung dati ay Friendster pa lang ang uso.  What more pa today na andami nang means, may mobile internet pa! ;)  You'll always be in our thoughts.  Like Ep was always in ours, alam mo yan.

I know you'll miss your jowa the most, maybe more than us, haha! But that's understandable.  Keep your faith in each other always.  You have beaten the joint-account-jinx, you sure as hell will kick the long-distance-relationship-jinx's ass.  Haha!  Imaginin mo na lang textmates lang kayo ulit, hahaha.  Dinner na pow. ;)

And Haley?  Huhuhu, mamimiss din namin sya. :(  Of course, we'll have less opportunities seeing her, too.  So if you'll miss her, isipin mo na lang, di ka nag-iisa.  We feel your pain. :(

Umiiyak ka na ba?  Ikr?  Hahaha!

Anyways.. Since I have no parting gift for you, eto na lang.  My love letter.  Hihi.  I love you babes.  You always take care.  Keep in touch and see you in June. ;)

Lovingly yours,


Maudey said...

demmet first paragraph palang umiiyak na ko.. ayheychusomuch babes.. huhu.. joke lang.. i love you talaga.. you and the rest of the isda.. thank you so much for this, meant the world to me.

yes, let's keep in touch.. tayo pa?! :)

see you in June *cross fingers*

tndcallphilippines said...

sorry you'll be losing your friend to Singapore... but, you guys supporting her move - that's the best you can do. Opportunity knocks only once... and, there is always technology.. :)

jaq b. said...

@maudey - pakkkk!

@tndcallphilippines - thanks :) yep, buti na lang hi-tech na tayo ngayon!! ;)

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