Sunday, January 8, 2012

Puerto Princesa Trip - Introduction

Last December 2011, le boyf and I went to Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.  That was our first airplane ride and I'm so kilig we did it together, haha!  It has always been my dream to go there and thank Heavens, our trip went on smoothly despite the bad weather last month.  Imagine, I planned the trip to be on December so we could let pass the "tag-ulan" season, and there the rain was, it just wasn't over ruining the country, wala na syang pinipiling buwan ngayon. :( 

Days before our scheduled departure, rain was pouring hard over Manila (irregularly) that it made me pray hard na sana tumigil sya pag aalis na kami.  Which it did.  :)  But there was some ambon the morning of December 8, just after we boarded the plane. 

Buti ambon lang.

Nung nasa taas na, okay na :)

Pero nung pagbaba, maambon ulit :(

The trip was arranged by Ensemble E-Travel Agency after we purchased the package on Metrodeal for 9900 php only (airfare and transfers, 3D/2N accomodation w/ breakfast, island hopping included.)  Swak na no?  Super mura!  Plus, the communication with the agency, although not constant, was in all fairness straight to the point. 

After purchasing the voucher, I sent an e-mail (July) to them asking how the process of booking and reservation will go.  They replied asking our top four dates, the names of the passengers, contact numbers and addresses.  After giving the needed info to them, they replied back telling me that they'll get back to me two months before the preferred schedule(s).  So I waited.  On September, they sent a mail giving another set of dates for me to choose from, okay lang naman because the dates they gave are close to our preferred scheds and those were the dates when there are airline promos (fair enough).  So we chose to go on December 8, a Thursday so we could go back Saturday.  After having the dates confirmed, they immediately sent our travel itinerary.  However, the setup was still not clear to me because they only sent the itineraries. What about the accomodation and tours?  Are we going to be the one to reserve that?  Or is it automatically understood that we're already reserved?  I asked them this and after so many follow ups and around 3 weeks before the flight, they sent our E-Travel Docket via e-mail.  It serves as our official travel document which we will present whenever we make business transaction with our airlines and hotel/tour partner.

So relieved na ko.  Whew.

This is really is it, I thought :p  I printed two copies of the travel docket, the e-itinerary from AirPhil Express' link which they also gave, and the e-mail exchange of me and the agent (you know, just in case, haha).  Then we were just waiting for the day to come. ^_^

For the first time in my blogging histroy, I will share with you guys our Puerto Princesa experience.  Hihi.  So please watch out for my next posts ^_^

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tndcallphilippines said...

what a wonderful place to be in December (away from the maddening crowd). :) hope you had a blast!

jaq b. said...

we did! and we will come back! ^_^

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