Monday, January 2, 2012


please be good to me :)

I remember when I was still a student, the "new year" for me starts in June; and it has been my tradition to list down my wishes every beginning of the school year. My wishes, then, are almost always the same -- new shoes, new bag, new clothes, more money, etcetera etcetera.  In short, material things only.  Haha, I was that shallow.

Now that I'm older, (yes, at some point we have to admit that) I see the "new year" on a different and, might I say, a more beautiful angle.  Well, not in a sense that I see myself "changing" over the /non-existent/ new year's resolutions, but it somehow gives me new and refreshed meaning for life.  Especially this 2012.  

This year (and I am proud to say it) will be my first time to list down my grown up wish/goal list. I sure hope that this is not yet the end of the world, else it will be really too late for this.  Haha!  This time I am not focusing on my shallow side, I swear, and please help me wish me luck, I want to scratch all of these come 2013 ;)

In 2012, I will:
Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. so throw off the bowlines. sail away from safe harbor. catch the trade winds in your sails. explore. dream. discover.  -- Mark Twain
    • I guess I have always loved travelling but I never gave it a serious look until I earned my own money.  Now that I have a constant cash flow (ganun talaga tawag? haha), I think I have the right na to dream about it.  Since I was a kid, I always thought that I'd travel the Philippines first before thinking of going out, because our country is so damn beautiful, I think everybody should do this too.  BUT!!! Thinking about it now, I realized that if I will really do that, aba! Eh anong petsa pa ko makakalabas ng ibang bansa?! Andaming isla ng Pilipinas! Wahaha!  Ssssoooo.. I minimized muna my dream to at least travel to one of the tourist spots in Visayas and Mindanao, and then I can maybe hop to anywhere else in Asia :)  I'd also love to go to Batanes, it is my ultimate dream.  Lord, let the money flow harder please? ;)
  • Have a bookshelf.
    • With lots of books, of course.  I want to read more this year, and dammit, why is "Hunger Games" always sold out? :(  I want to read it before the movie airs in March, please. :(
  • Blog more.
    • Yes, I will.  I'm so sorry for the 2-month-absentism, blame Tetris on Facebook  Blame my new found peer group at the office.  Blame my boyfriend.  Haha!  I actually thought of creating a new blog site, but changed my mind, because I'm getting numbers in Top Blogs!!! Haha! That's so sweet but so unfair because why is it blank when I'm active and now this, when I'm not?! What's up with you people? Hahaha.  But seriously, still I'm thankful for passers-by and for the followers (specifically my friends) who almost always "expects" me to have a new blog post.  I have TONS of backlogs, I know.  I will try my best to attend to them, haha!  But for sure, I will blog more this year.  Swear.
    • I also will tweak this thing a little.  I know I said I will post my "rules" here but it's getting harder for me to stay consistent, haha.  So, this blog will be more personal now.  I will still post new "rules", but not as often (if it is) as before.  But hey, it's still me.  It is, after all, my way or the highway, haha! :p  Notice I changed the layout, too.  Wala lang.  Will change it again if I feel like it, hahaha.
  • Continue scrapbooking.
    • Oh diba, andami kong time? Haha!  I forgot what year it was when I started the supposed scrapbook of me and my jowa's story and adventures, 2009 pa ata iyon.  The materials and all the pages that was successfully completed are still well kept, but that was it.  Haha!  I hope to at least make it a "book" na.  Please, Lord. T_T
  • Save more.
    • Yes, I will!  I was successful on my target to save 20% of my income for the whole of 2011.  I will challenge myself to kick it up a notch and aim for 30%.  I hope none of my gadgets get lost/damaged this year.  Not buying a new one will really help. God. :(
  • Be promoted to SSE.
    • Kapal muks!  Hahahaha!  But like what I said to one of my team mates (during my pagmamayabang moments),  I deserved it last September, I will deserve it again :p  Hahahaha!
  • Live in a new house.
    • Hopefully, this year we will be able to live in the new unit Ate Lala bought.  Ayoko na dito sa Tenement.  Ako na lang natitira sa mga friends ko ditey, hahaha!
  • Learn more dishes to cook!
    • When we get to live in our new house, that will be equaling to a new and improved kitchen.  I hope that will be enough for me to be more interested in cooking, hahaha!
  • *this is a wish for me and my boyfie*  We will have less (to zero) petty breakups.
    • We love each other so much that even though we fight like there's no tomorrow, we're still together and, for Chrissakes. we're turning four this year, so I hope this is achievable.  Please?  Haha!

That's it muna.  I will add some more when I think of new goals.  I will post this list in my side bar so that I'll always be reminded, hahaha!

Help me God! 

Oh, and happy new year to all of you! :)

Talk to you soon,

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Maudey said...

Thank heavens for a new blog post! ^^, and good luck to your ambitious list! hahaha.. labyu babes :)

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