Friday, September 10, 2010

The Spokening Dollar Rule

Pay Respect to the English Grammar 
(it is the universal language anyway)


I do solemnly swear to respect, observe, maintain and defend whatever it is that is defined in the “Subject-Verb Agreement” and that I shall fight for its rules to the best that I can.

I will not tolerate the mistakes of loved ones and correct them as soon as I can if I find them misguided of its laws.  I will not judge them, but will only be sad for them as they might not have been acquainted deeply with it as I have been.  I will make sure that the words written in the “Subject-Verb Agreement” will be wide spread and widely used.  This, I think, will make the world a better place.

I will not use a plural verb after a singular noun nor will I ever use a singular verb after a plural noun. 

I will not confuse the person with whom I am talking to by ruining the tenses of the verbs in my statements.  If I am talking about the past, I will use the past tense.  If I am talking about the present, I will use the present tense.  If I am talking about the future, well… you get the point right?

Parallelism will always be observed.  Though it may not be as important as all the other grammatical points, I just love the sound of parallelism to my ear.

I will observe correct spelling, proper punctuation, capitalization, and correct word usage.

If I find myself mistaken, I will not come clean.  I will admit to my fault and accept whatever correction I might need in order to fulfill my deficiency.


Maudey said...

i like this. and i agree with the parallelism thingy. it's a common mistake. go spread the rule, i'm the second advocate.. :)

jaq b. said...

tol, bakit hindi mo nilike kung like mo pala? hahaha.. =p

SintheaP. said...

ako nilike ko! :p

jaq b. said...

@sinthea - thanks! ^_^

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