Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Commuters Rule

I will be a good commuter


Scenario:  You’re off to work.  A jeepney halts in front of you.  You saw its sign board and found out that it is the route you were going to take.  The driver barks in an attempt to invite you in.  You give in.  You enter the jeepney.  You notice that there’s only one passenger and that she’s one seat away from the jeepney entrance.  What will you do?

  1. Pass her by and sit near the driver.
  2. Sit on the other side of the jeepney, near the driver still.
  3. Sit on that one spot between the passenger and the jeepney entrance.
  4. Exit the jeepney and take a cab.
If you answered letter a or letter b, we’re cool.  That’s what I’d probably do, too.  If you answered letter c, I already hate you, you should’ve just answered letter d instead. 

Oh I’m sorry, did I hurt you?  Here let me explain.

There were quite a few times when I was that one passenger sitting one seat away from the entrance (so I could still get a hold of the fresh polluted uhm, well the air that enters the window).  Then another passenger enters, sits beside me, make that behind me (if we consider the driver’s seat as the “front”) and we were the only passengers inside.  I hear her going through her purse, getting a seven peso coin.  She then exclaims “Manong bayad po!”, hand stretched out, making them appear in front of my face.

Considering that I am seven or six seats away from the driver, and that the other passenger’s gesture suggests I go all the way there to hand her fare while she’s sitting back on that cursed spot, what do you think I would feel?

Original photo here.
  1. Pissed off.
  2. Pissed off because I’d think her stupid to be seated there when she knows there’s nobody near the driver to pass her “pamasahe” to.
  3. Pissed off because I’d think her arrogant to not consider the effort other people would have taken for her, when she could’ve positioned herself near the driver.
  4. All of the above.
Oh… you know me so well.  Of course, it is all of the above!

If you are an elderly, or a disabled person or a disabled elderly person, I will of course make you excused.  But if you’re young and healthy, unless I am having the “this is a good day and I won’t let anyone ruin it, not even you” mood, I will ignore you, damn you, until your arms fall off.  That is how bitchy I am.  *evil laugh* >=)

Kidding aside, this rule isn’t really about me ignoring those assholes.  This is about me being not one of them. 

Let me say that again, I will not be like those lazy assholes; I will be a good commuter.


Maudey said...

I agree! Those people get in my nerves too! Lalo na kung lalaki! Kainis!!!

jaq b. said...

korek tol! naranasan ko na rin yan.. at malaking lalake pa sya ha.. >=/

v said...

DISAGREE!!! hindi nya nman intensyon na mahirapan ka, di nya lng naisip ang naisip mo.. ehem.. u know, were all different with each other. tutal naisip mo na hindi mo gagawin yung ginawa nya, isipin mo n lng din na pagpasensyahan sya. kya it's not ur way or the highway, it's the subway! =p

jaq b. said...

ikaw na ang kontra!!!

SintheaP. said...

hi jaq,
i haven't been here for a while. i was on hiatus the past few days. haha.

anyway, i haven't been in that kind of situation yet. pero most probably i would be pissed of as well. pero being naturally nice, gagawin ko pa rin yung favor niya. :p that's how submissive i am. :D

jaq b. said...

@sinthea - lucky you. It was really okay at first, but when the same thing happened again and again, the bitch in me just couldn't help but show. Hahaha.. and now that I'm spent with this people, I don't want to tolerate them anymore. :D

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