Friday, September 10, 2010

The Tropang Isda Rule

I will keep a promise I made to a friend


Please take note that the "promise" I am talking about, is this: I will repost my first ever blog here. :) (It's important you keep this in mind, because of other promises, I'm not sure I can keep. Haha!)

So, here it is (and some more). Enjoy.

Behind every successful man is a woman. Behind this strong woman are her friends.=)

I wanted to make this first official entry special and ever since I put up this blog site, I kept on looking at things, thinking “I could blog about that” or “Will that be worth my first entry?” and so on and so forth. I must admit it was stressful. I became obsessed with finding the right “debut” blog entry. Dang, was it tiring.

And then while I was taking a bath (I’m serious here), as I was scrubbing my hair with shampoo, I thought of a great idea. I’m gonna introduce my friends to my future readers! *in the background a bulb lights, ting!*

Why not? I’m sure I’ll be speaking of them frequently and I think they deserve a proper introduction.=)

So if you may excuse me while I’m presenting…. The girls of Tropang Isda:

Yeah, we have boys too… but girls’ bonds are deeper =p
I used to believe that one won’t find true friends in college. I thought I was okay at the time, having my childhood and high school friends. I thought I never needed more. Well that was before… until I found them. =)

From left to right: me, Maude, Nhix, Jejo, Noreen and Baby (but we call her April now 'cause y'know, she's been in the States for the past 3 years *arte?! haha*). Ep's not been with us since they moved out of the Philippines, but she's still always updated.  So she's still with us alright. Like what we always say, once an isda, always an isda.  I met them 6 years ago at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Tropang Isda is also the same “School of Fish” Maudey is referring to in her blog. *wink*.

Six years of friendship but it felt like we’ve been sisters since birth. We’ve been through so much that if I put every past experiences to writing, I don’t even know how to continue the sentence. We’ve been there for each other through the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. For five years we see each other every freakin’ day but the stories to tell and the laughter to share just won’t run out of supply. We’ve faced a lot of hardships but of course, we overpowered them, thus our motto: “God is good all the time.”

Now that we’re done with school days and now that we’re each building a role in the I.T. industry, the days we see each other dropped from 7 times a week to once or twice a month. But that didn’t mean less kwento or less tawanan. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, for us, it made the giggling louder and the talking much longer. Haha!

If I’m going to convert into words how happy I am that I’ve been a part of this strong friendship, well, I can’t. It’s just so overwhelming. I’m glad to have shared the best part of my life with you guys. I really haven’t realized how much of what I know now is because of you, until I’ve actually thought about it (well, you know, to add content to this, haha!)

Looking back we’ve been:

Blooming together.

Thanks Maudey for the pics! :)
Ugly together.

A friend of Nhix's said we were ugly on this pic. Haha!
  Formal together.

Sporty together.

Sexy in our summer outfit together.

I can't post the ones without these clothes on, they might get angry. Haha!
 Happy together.

Stressed together.

Pink together.

All dressed up together.

 Drunk together.

We're all drunk here, Jejo's just the obvious one as always
A girl band together.

Spice Girls, yeah!
To places together.

Ghosts together. :)

I can still remember the laughter after every shot. :)
As I said on the second sentence of this entry, please look up, I don’t wanna repeat it, =p I am glad that I am a strong woman because when everything else falls apart, I know that I have the Tropang Isda behind me. Oh and by the way, we call ourselves tropang isda cause one thing we have in common is our short span memory (like that of a fish… yeahhh...) Short span of memory we might have for little things, but for a sisterhood like this? Naaaahhh.. we’ll forever reminisce as we create new moments to ponder upon.

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