Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Shopping Part 1


In realizing my goal of starting my Christmas shopping before this month ends, I went to Divisoria today. ^_^

With my list and a 5k cash on hand and Ate Jeng with her re-usable bag ready, we ventured into the streets of this famous market district.

Ate's reusable bag: BEFORE
We went there at around 2PM and I was skeptic if I would be able to buy anything from my list because it is a known fact that almost all Filipino people would be roaming around DV by now. But thank Heavens for a bigger 168, our 4 hour shopping time was a success!

Ate's reusable bag: AFTER

I was able to buy baby clothes for three of my inaanaks for 400 pesos and clothes for six of my pamangkins (Kuya's side) for 1280 pesos. Cheap, huh?! :) Can't post the pictures here because that would ruin the gift, but I can assure you that these clothes don't look their price. ^_^

I also got to buy gifts for my two kuyas and Ate Joan (Kuya Jandre's wife) for 600, and gifts for my fish friends for 250. :)

I have a separate list for myself and yes, I bought half of it! ^_^

I got this two cute blouses for 250 each and one slacks for 300 at Juana. Gosh, I now love Juana! :)

Juana is literally at every corner of 168, it is so easy to find :)


I have always wanted a long-sleeved shirt, but I couldn't find one that would look good on me and my chubby body :( But not this one. ;p Bought it for 250 and it was great!

I also wanted a new sling bag that would go with anything. This seemed perfect. The original price was 350, but to my surprise, it's on discount and that's why I got it for 315 pesos.

I also wanted lots of plain shirts. And so I bought these three, for 300 pesos.

A bling-bling would look cute on a plain shirt, so I also bought one at a store called Sakura for 150 pesos. :)

I actually never felt a pain on my feet until Ate and I stopped to take merienda. I was enjoying and loving the "shopping for gifts feeling" the whole time. ^_^ This is actually the first time that I'd buy a present for everyone, because this is also the first time that I could afford to buy for everyone. Haha. Last year, I only bought gifts for my siblings and inaanaks, the nephews and nieces - I ignored. Haha!

Anyhoo... thank God my Divisoria experience this year is not that bad. But I guess I won't be seeing Divi again until next year. Christmas shopping shall still proceed though, this time, on various (?!) SM and-slash-or Ayala malls. 

my shopping list :)



Maudey said...

i want the sling bag! yun nalang gift mo sakin! hahahaha

jaq b. said...

makapang 'i want' ka parang inaanak lang labs ah! hahahaha! ;p

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