Thursday, November 18, 2010

a re-post from my first blog

my first was a short-lived blog :(

Out of the blue, I recalled that I created this post even before I unearthed my first ever blog site, which was named: i mind my own business.  It was a good blog title, I can't believe I let it go. :(  

Haha. Anyhoo.. Enough of the drama.  

Here is the post that ignited my blogging life. :)

this is too good to be true 

I wrote this last August 11 (yes, before I even started this blog site). The reason for the delay in posting this, you will see below. *wink*

Have you had a wish or maybe a dream that you wanted so bad but you’ve accepted it’s not yet the time for you to reach it? Like perhaps an SLR, which you know you can buy if you wanted to but your priorities stop you so you whole-heartedly set the “itch” aside? Or maybe something simpler like wishing for an unexpected holiday that would make your weekend longer because you seriously need it but you know would never happen (ever) so you just drag yourself to work because you have no choice?

Or maybe something grand. Like what I had.

(Drum roll please) I wanted to be promoted to SE… BUT (there are a lot of buts and I’m too tired to pinpoint each of them). Yes. As early as my 8th month in Accenture, I am itching for that title. I wanted to kick the “A” out of the “ASE” so bad but I thought I’m too premature or maybe too ambitious for that. So I postponed the thought, erased the red and bold “X” mark on the month of September, and moved it to March of the next year. (The last sentence is an exaggeration, of course there’s no X mark! Haha! I just meant that instead of September this year, I’m editing my dream and targeting to be promoted next March *wink*)

My perception of promotion in ACN before was you have to reach a minimum of 2 years (yes, you have to finish your bond) before the bosses will see you and maybe consider you to be promoted. Yeah, well that was before… because as I continue to spend a day after another with this huge company, I learned (after all the emphasis of the leads and execs) that promotion is not based on time spent within Accenture but is based on your performance and rating. Meaning: they don’t care if you’ve spent 5 years or just 6 months as ASE, just as long as you impress them, then you’re ready to rock the SE role. BUT (emphasizing the but again) there are a lot of other factors and competitions too and blah blah blah, I guess I'm not in the position to enumerate, I just know that there are. Hehe.

These things I learned from my Project Manager the morning he talked to me regarding my rating. No, I will not tell you what my rating is. Instead, let me share to you the emotions I felt before, during and after the conversation:

INTRO: I went to work (Tuesday, August 10) fresh from a 4-day weekend and I almost dragged myself to work ‘cause I’m still kinda hung over by the long vacation. That morning, my TL is showing hints that I am about to receive good news from our PM. I was clueless at first, but when a colleague asked “Nakausap ka na ni boss Rod? Hinahanap ka nya kahapon.” I thought maybe it’s the time for revealing my rating and of course I felt a little nervous. Unfortunately, boss Rod was on SL that day, so there’s no chance I can get out of the misery of waiting. I had no choice, hence the first emotion:

  • ANXIOUS – Of course I was! With all the hints my TL told me, I’m hoping this is something good. I still dismissed the thought of promotion though, but I can’t help but hope for it. What if it is about me being promoted? What if I wasn’t careful what I wished for and I just might get it? A promotion this soon? Come on.
  • CYNICAL – What if it’s not? Of course it’s not. I’m only nearing 8 months old in the company, how could I be so lucky? Plus, I’m hearing rumors of a colleague being promoted; can they promote two ASEs per project at a time? Of course not.
I generally felt the above mentioned the whole of Tuesday. Then eventually, the day ended. Wednesday came. Cutting the long story short, the conversation with boss Rod began and I felt:

(Warning: there will be a lot of “talking to myself” lines)

  • HAPPY – Oh my God. Did he really??? Me??? Oh my gosh. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SKEPTICAL– This soon? Oh no… This is too good to be true.
  • ECSTATIC – Oh my Gosh. Thank you Lalen!!!!! Thank you Ate Suzie!!!!!!
  • INSECURE – Do I really deserve this? Have I shown enough? Must. Do. Something. More.
  • HAPPY - *victorious smile*
  • PANICKY – What if I sucked at being SE :( What if I’m no good at handling bigger challenges?
  • CONTENT – ohhhh…. Yeahh…… :)
  • OVERWHELMINGLY HAPPY - I can’t believe I'm not allowed to blurt it out yet, how am I supposed to shout this out to the world?!?!?! :D
  • WORRIED – I hope other peers would make it too… :(
  • HAPPY – Oh well… :)
The conversation ended with me walking away from the conference room with a smile. I am so happy and so thankful and so happy and so thankful (I know, I said it twice… what the heck, I just am!)

I kept this good news from my friends and yeah, I waited for it to be formally announced declared before I posted this entry because I didn’t want to ruin anything. Honestly, I am still in shock and well, happy never the less. ^_^ (stop counting the word happy please)

I love being in my current project. I love my colleagues. I love my mentor for being so supportive and encouraging. I love my job. I love Accenture. I am looking forward to the next fiscal year and I’ll do my very best to not stay in SE for long *wink*

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