Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Nuffnang Rule

Make money friends something out of blogging. 
It's about time (i think)

Hobbies, like photography, trekking, traveling, most especially shopping, don’t earn you cash.  They do the opposite instead; they require you to spend.  What with the need of new lens, maintenance of the camera, gadgets for mountain climbing, air fare, sea fare, whatever fare, all those, they STEAL your money.  *okay I used the word steal just to add a little drama ;p*  And alright, maybe they make you happy; maybe they make your life more exciting, maybe they boost your enthusiasm for living.  But you have got to admit, they involve free flow of cash out of your pocket, too.

Blogging, on the other hand, does not.  In blogging, you don’t only earn new friends; you also earn respect from old friends, you also get to make money! :)  How? Here’s how!

By joining a blog advertising community like nuffnang! :)

I have been intending to make something out of this blog ever since I don’t remember when, but I was being stopped by the immaturity of my site and by the fewness of my posts.  Not that I think my blog is mature now and not that I think my 12 posts a month is enough (I just noticed that the past two months consists of 12 posts, haha, I didn’t mean to do that though), but I think it’s time I do something new with this hobby of mine.  I know, I know, I haven’t been actively writing in the past few weeks and I’m sorry for that.  It’s just that life happens you know. ;p  That’s why I thought maybe I needed nuffnang to inspire me to post some more. Haha!

I’m not only after the money though; I’m also after the challenge of making money. >=) Because more money would mean more visitors too.  More visitors equals more traffic! More traffic equals happy me! :)  Plus, since this is a “community”, this will also serve as a door for me to know (and hopefully be known) by other great bloggers.  Oh gosh, I’d get to earn friends, earn money, earn traffic and earn popularity!  How cool is that?!

Nuffnang also holds review-posting contests every now and then, I think I’mma try battling for that too.  I need a serious training in my reviewing skills, and this would be a great motivation for me, yes? ;p

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