Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The 30 day blog challenge - Day 07

 A picture of someone/something that has a big impact on you

Okay, so I edited the title.

It was supposed to be “A picture of someone/something that has the (pronounced as thee) biggest impact on you”, but just by looking at it, I can’t really pinpoint one thing or one person who has THE (again, pronounce as thee for emphasis please?)  biggest effect on my life.  They are plenty and they affect me in very different yet each-important ways.

And I don’t wanna dwell on seriousness.


So I’m choosing this pair of cute sea creatures:

Yes, they are.

Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star.


Haha! I’m sorry, friends, they are the chosen one.

I chose them because although I know there are a lot of grown ups out there loving them as much as I do, for me, they opened the door to sensible humor.  Haha, kidding.  The humor is just a plus but these two, no matter how stupid their characters play, deliver decent lessons about life, love and friendship.

Yeah I know,  I wasn’t impressed by the way they were drawn at first too.  

I didn’t like the squareness of Spongebob before and it seemed odd to me that he’s living on a pineapple under the sea.  The cartoon series appealed to me as weird, too.  But I did give it a try, and now I’m glad to have done so!

Now, I own a lot of spongebob stuff.

Thanks to my colleague, Lovely, who made it possible for me to own a Spongebob KFC Bucket and both them tumblers!

I don't know where this cellphone blingbling is at the moment.  I had a Patrick, too.  But no picture to boast :( V bought me my first Spongebob cellphone blingbling, but it's already "expired", so I didn't take a picture of it na.  Haha. Kupas na in tagalog!

This shirt I bought at Divisoria.  I can't help it, it's rare to find a cheap Patrick shirt that actually looks like him!

A birthday gift from Noreen. :)

This has been my coin purse for (I think) four years now.  This is a Christmas gift from Ate Lala.  I've been trying to replace this, but nothing seems to get me over it. :)

Of course, he's my cellphone's and our desktop's wall paper, too!

Yeah well, maybe I don't own that much. I don’t intend to “collect” them anyway *plus some, I had no pictures of*.  I just find them cute, so I buy them. Or put them on my wish list so someone can give them to me as a gift. ;p
I’ve always intended to buy lots Patrick stuff, too, but it’s rare to find something that really looks like him.  I hate it when their faces get distorted that if I knew who did it, I’d look at the person with utter disgust until he or she apologizes with what he or she did.  Haha.

I’m really not a “die hard” type of fan, but this cartoon series comes close to pushing me to become one.  Yes, it’s weird, but I still do watch their episodes, heck even the tagalog version, no matter if I’ve watched it before.  I’m only depending on the TV, but I think I’ve watched each and every episode of seasons one to four.  Yes, I watched the movie in the big screen, too! *thank God I have friends who also love them, haha*  Too bad, I haven’t been able to catch up now, well, because I live... and work.  But hey, I think I’mma include a DVD of full Spongebob Squarepants episodes in my Christmas wishlist! Haha! Been wanting to own one for years! ^_^


Maudey said...

Peram DVD pag meron ka na ha? :)

By the way, yung purse na Spongebob, andami sa Divi Mall, ansaya! Iba iba pa mukha ni Spongebob! ^_^

jaq b. said...

uu labs, sa divi nga ata nabili ni ate un.. kamukha naman ba?! ung purse ko kamukha e! :D

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