Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ipagmayabang Mo Rule

If you have it, brag about it ;p

Oh, yes.  I finally got it!

My first Belle De Jour Power Planner!!!! ^_^

I'm sorry if I am this excited, you see, you should know where I'm coming from.

 My planner from 2007 is MIA. Didn't make an effort to find it because our house is under renovation right now.

2010 was a year of tickets a lot of things to be planned, well at least for me.

You see, Goldilocks' planner used to suffice for my needs, but now that I've got a lot of things that I have to remember, it's sad to say but I NEED SPACE. Haha. A bigger writing space, that is. ;p And the BDJ planner, along with its many perks, seem to fit my needs. :)

I bought it the day after I found out about it. Talk about impulse, eh? Haha! I originally wanted the spiral one, but as my mind was clouded with excitement with the thought of seeing it in person, I didn't notice that what the cashier gave me was the hardbound one. But Rule#10 people.. there is no room for regrets. I didn't mind if it's hardbound, it's the BDJ Planner dammit!!! ^_^


This is the part where I flaunt the contents of this awesome power planner. Let me start off with my favorites.


There are over 50 coupons of various stores in here. What's exciting about this is that they have this promo, wherein if you got to use at least 50 of these, kept the receipts and presented it to them by the end of the year, your 2012 PP will be given to you... for free!! :) You get to avail of discounts and a free BDJ PP in return, how cool is that?!

Checklist! I'm a believer of the quote "live your life to the fullest". I've been meaning to create my list of "things to do before I die" but procrastination gets the best of me. And here, this planner made my life easy! Haha!

And oh, I spotted one that's ready to be scratched out! ;)

The weekly view (can you see the vast writing space?!) Haha!

The perks of the weekly view:


 Bills Tracker.

I haven't thought about this EVER before. But since BDJ has put up a space for this, why not? Maybe it's time I track the outgoing cash, rather than tracking only what's incoming. Haha!

Cash Flow Tracker.

This might be hard for me as I am really magastos and I am not used to taking note of the things I use my money for. But I swear, in 2011, I'll *try to* start monitoring my expenses and savings.

The Vacation Planner.

Yeah, I think the space is tiny too. But anyhoo....

The BDJ Essentials notebook (and its perks).

Important Events Tracker

Project Planner

Anything goes page :)

My Lists

Detachable Calling Cards :)

I will never get enough of this excitement until the first day of 2011. Woooooooooh! Sana 2011 na! 


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