Sunday, November 21, 2010

The 30 day blog challenge - Day 09

Something/someone you’re proud of

Since day 5 of this 30-day blog challenge, I haven’t been conforming to the supposed tasks of defining ONE something-something.  If you may have noticed, I didn’t post A PICTURE in day 5, I posted pictures.  I also didn’t discuss A HOBBY I have in day 6, instead I enumerated HOBBIES.  Nor did I post A PICTURE of SOMEONE or SOMETHING that has THE BIGGEST impact on me on the 7th day; I instead exhibited PICTURES of TWO of my most beloved cartoon characters.

Now that I’m on day 9, I am supposed to confer SOMETHING or SOMEONE I am proud of.  I don’t want to break traditions, you know.  So again, I will not dwell on ONE person that makes me proud.  I’ve a lot of lovely people around me and they each deserve someone appreciating them.  I may not be vocal about these things, but the proud-ness I feel towards them is genuine nonetheless. :)

  • I’m proud of my Ate Lala for wholeheartedly putting our family’s welfare above all else.  She was my provider all throughout high school and college and though I haven’t been the sweetest sister to her, I know I am her favorite, haha! ;p  Seriously though, I am really proud of her selflessness, that even until today that she’s in Singapore, she still makes sure everything’s alright here by checking on us almost everyday.

    • I’m proud of Ate Jeng too, for being the mother figure in our family ever since Ate La left for SG (since Nanay has been in heaven for 5 years now).

      • I’m proud of my tropang isda! 

      •  I’m proud of Noreen for being a “one-man team” for the company she’s working for, she’s always been a reliable person (and a genius too). No wonder her superiors trusted her of handling huge tasks that easily.  

      •  I’m proud of Maude for recently taking on a new challenge in her life.  Though she’s still skeptic if she’d be able to handle it, I know (yes, more than she does, haha) that she’ll be able to overcome her fears and excellently perform each new tasks handed to her.   

      • I’m proud of Nhix for being so strong and for not letting scarcity get in the way of her dreams of making it through college.  Now she’s her family’s own version of “Ate Lala” and I’m proud that she’s selfless like that. :)  

      •  I’m proud of Jejo for being the only sane person in her family and live to tell about it.  so strong of a daughter, a sister, a friend and a woman.  It wouldn’t be right if I’d narrate the reasons why I see her that way, and maybe she doesn’t know this but I admire her strength in facing trials life throw her way.

      • I’m proud of Ep, for being able to handle motherhood with such grace.  I wasn’t sure myself if I’d be a great mother someday, but seeing Ep do it and love it at the same time, inspires me.

      • I’m proud of V for being the best boyfriend.  Had I known before that I’d be this happy, I shouldn’t have wasted time and pursued him instead! Haha! ;p  I’m proud of how he’s able to handle me and my rants, of how he’s there to control me when my impulse gets the better of me, of how his life values are slowly becoming mine, of how he loves his mother (boys who love their mother has always been a turn-on for girls and of course for me), of how he’s going panicky when I text him “I’m bored” when I'm at home, of how he’s simply there to make me feel that I’m not alone and that I am loved.

      • I’m proud of Ate Suzie, for being not just a team lead, but for being more like a mentor.  For always looking after me and for making sure I’m going the right path.  For giving me new challenges, not in the intent to taunt or mock me, but to sharpen my skills.

      • I'm proud of Batch 6 for still keeping intact after 5 years.  I'm happy that everytime I'm with them, I feel like high school all over again.  I'm proud that we're able to keep that friendship. :) 

            Oh wait.

      Hey, I’m proud of myself too! ;p

      • For being able to put up a blog (with quasi consistent posts) that actually lasted until now ^_^ and for being granted the Blog with Substance and the Versatile Blogger Award although this site has been up for only two months (and 11 days). 
      • For being able to buy the first gadget out of the money I’ve worked hard for to earn.
      • For this. ;p
      • For being disciplined enough to stay away from rice since like two months ago (but dear God, how I miss it >.<)

      Ayun. ^^


      Maudey said...

      Thanks tol.. It meant a lot.. ^_^

      Labyuuuuuuuu :)

      Suzie Suzy said...

      2 thumbs up!
      thanks for making the most out of what's given to you :)

      jaq b. said...

      thanks ate suzie! :)

      thanks em! :)

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