Thursday, November 18, 2010

The 30 day blog challenge - Day 08

Short term goals for this month and why

Short term goals for this month:

  1. See a dentist.
  2. Get my teeth cleaned and repaired.  Or at least start the process.
  3. Accomplish at least day 15 of this effin’ rule.
  4. Have my hair cut.
  5. Start shopping for Christmas (for myself and for my inaanaks, friends, family and loved one)
  6. Finish two documentations I promised my domain team lead and quality team lead to have accomplished.

    I guess that’s about it.  Don’t wanna bite more than I can chew! Haha! :)


    1. Of course! It was my long term goal before.  Long term because back then, I didn’t have the moolah.  Now that I have plenty (yes, plenty is the proper term, haha!) I’mma do this. ^_^  I actually had an appointment for a dental consultation that was scheduled a week ago, but the dentist had an emergency so it was cancelled.  Before this week ends, I’ll call again to see if we could do it this Saturday. :)

    2. Needless to say, after seeing the dentist, I want the process of cleaning and repairing to get started as soon as possible.  Not just because I’m desperately wanting to have a sparkly white teeth, but also because I’m scared that my precious money might transform into something else, like clothes, shoes, bags, food, movie tickets, and so on. Haha!

    3. When I decided to take on the 30-day blog challenge some two months ago, I also mentioned that I will finish this before the year ends.  Look at me now.  I’m not even accomplished with the half yet!! And it’s mid-November already!! Hahaha!

    4. I like me hair shorter.  Friends say it looked better on me.  Wanna do the comparison too??  *pictures to be pasted tomorrow*

    5. I’m not really fund of shopping for other people (well, except for my boyfriend, haha).  I’ll be honest in saying that I like shopping for myself and myself only.  So when I buy gifts for others, I don’t do it on a one-time-big-time manner.  I do it one by one.  Haha.  I do it in between my selfish shopping and this takes place on different weekends.  There have been additional people on my list of gift-receivers, so I think I better start now if I want to be finished by Christmas. Haha!

    6. Ugh. Work related.  But yeah, I’m adding this one too, because somehow, it is also me-related.  With promotion comes great responsibility and though I hate responsibilities, I have no choice.  Haha!  But seriously, I want these two documentations finished so I could finally say “Been there, done that” someday. *that day being December 1, haha* :)


    Baby said...

    Wow your page looks so Christmas-y.. are you online? Why haven't you buzzed me?

    Maudey said...

    Plenty of moolah right there, huh? Come on, share! :P

    Thanks jaq, for adding us to the gift-receivers list. Merry Christmas! :)

    jaq b. said...

    @maudey - aaaaaaaaaasssssssssaaaaaaaaa ;p

    @ep - anong petsa na labs?

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