Sunday, October 10, 2010

The “Stop Hating. Start Appreciating” Rule.

Stop Hating. Start Appreciating.

How do you describe this picture?

Is it a glass half full?  A glass half empty?

Are you more appreciative of the good things instead of brooding over things that you have no control of?

Are you more aware of what’s lost rather than what is there?

If you say this is a glass half-empty, I pity you.  For you saw past the blessing and dwelt on what’s missing.  Most of us are like that, we may be oblivious about it, but (based on observation) most of us are bound to see the ugly first before the beauty.  But we have got to change that, there are tons of reasons why.

To start off, will hating do anything helpful to you?  Will it change the world?  Will it make you happy? NO.

On the other hand, will seeing the brighter side of things make your world a better place to live in?  Will it make your day lovelier?  Will it make you happy?  YES.

So you hated that you’d have to wake up so early on a Monday morning after you’ve spent your Sunday night on a party.  You were still too tired to go to work.  Will you tolerate the feeling and be gloomy (not to mention less functional) all day at the office because you didn’t want to be there?  No, you should not.  A lot of people out there wish to be in your situation, but they couldn’t be.  They have no job.  You, you have one.  What is there to hate?

Sure, you hate that your partner annoys you every now and then.  You hate how he/she doesn’t always do what you want.  You hate how he/she isn’t always the “better-half” you expect him/her to be.  But the fact that you got someone who loves you no matter how annoying they are (I’m sure you annoy them too sometimes), is one grand something to be thankful for.  Just imagine how many people around the globe were not blessed to have somebody by their sides.  And you, you got someone.  Imagine how those people would appreciate it if they, too has someone.  Shouldn’t you be feeling lucky than annoyed?

Yeah, you hate almost everything. 

You hate your noisy neighbor.  But aren’t you just glad you could hear? 

You hate that your ISP’s speed is 1 kbps when they advertised 3.6Mbps.  But you are computer-literate unlike some percentage of the population who aren’t, right?

You hate that your legs are tired from all the mall strolling you just did.  But you did have the time and the money to go to the mall, yes?  Aren’t you just simply grateful you could walk?

I could go on stating a lot of “you-hate-that-but-aren’t-you-thankful-for-this” speeches.  But I’m hoping by this time you get my point.

I know it isn’t easy to automatically see the beauty of things most especially when the ugly is screaming in front of your face making you forget all the others.  I never meant for you to don’t mind it anyway.  All I’m saying is that, despite its presence, you must always see past it.

Find the courage to know that although there is a bad side to everything, there’s also a good one, and that there is no use in settling in the hate, you must always make a move to go and appreciate. :)


Baby said...

Love this post, jaq..:)

jaq b. said...

thanks ep.. :)

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