Saturday, October 16, 2010

The “Think this when you’re really annoyed” Rule

Be thankful you are not like them

When I get so pissed off with a person, but I can not shove how infuriated I am to his face, I get even angrier.  I curse him without him knowing.  I plan on getting back, on picking the most hurtful words I can muster so I could throw it all on his way.   I picture out the execution of the plan and with much gritted teeth, my fire of hatred burns even more.  

I’m like this when I feel I’ve been wronged.  

But I’m such a wuss that my “get back plan” remains a plan most of the time.  I just love the idea of hurting the ones who hurt me (or pissed me off), but I really can’t do that. I cannot take the idea of me stooping down to their level just so I could get even.  I don’t know, I just feel like doing it will snowball the bad karma on me at the end, I guess I don’t want to do something stupid then regret it someday.  So I eventually end up in forgetting the mad emotions.  Instead I alter the madness and change it to a feeling of thankfulness. 

No, I don’t thank the person for annoying me, duh?! Haha! 

After all the frustrated attack plans, I end up thanking the heavens above that I am not like (not even close to) the annoyance the person whom I hate is.  I’m not only referring to one person, I’m referring to every irritating person I get to meet in my life.  There’s no sense in hating them.  What with all the negative aura hating will bring, it will be just a waste of energy.  It will not change them anyway.  But thanking, gosh, thanking my family for bringing me up this way, thanking my friends for being such good influences, thanking my teachers for being so effective that I get to become like this, the not-so-perfect- but-not-aggravating-in-a-disturbing-way girl that I am.  Thank God I can still call myself “pleasing”, well maybe not to everyone, but at least to the important persons in my life.  I guess the important ones are all that matter. :-p 

So if you are consumed in anger right now and you can’t do anything to release the resentment you feel.  Just stop for a while.  Gather all your might and withdraw from the fury.  Contemplate.  Inhale. Exhale. 

The last and the best resort of letting go of the rage is to feel thankful, that although you are wronged, pissed, annoyed, irritated, maddened, agitated – at least be thankful that you are not one of them, that you are better than them.

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