Sunday, October 31, 2010

The “do not pass on a chance of getting reunited with your good old friends” Rule

Do not pass on a chance of getting reunited with your good old friends

Why? Because you will miss A LOT

The stories, the laughter, the to-be inside jokes, the mishaps, the getting out of the mishaps, the food, the drinks, the pictures, most especially the experience (uh, the scenic views are just a plus).


It’s been a year since UBE 5 was held.  We were fresh out of college then and having spent every freakin’ day of our lives, plus almost all summer and sembreaks (out of town) together, our friendship was still as tight as any other group who spent five years of togetherness would have been.


But since we were all busy building our careers now, we weren’t able to plan UBE 6 right away. It took us one long year to finally think of the idea and to actually clear our hectic schedules for it.

Given this, I thought the reunion would start off shaky.  Since we’ll be doing a lot more of catch-ups than bonding, I thought this time will be less fun.  But no, I was wrong.

When the day finally came, I was surprised by how nothing has changed!  We were still as intact and as loud as we were a year and a half ago.  The long catch-ups I imagined would happen occurred in between laughs and guffaws.  The dead air I thought would take place, did not at all.  It was just like the good old days, the only difference is we are making our own money now, haha! :)


I so love these guys and how they were able to suck out all the stress in me all the time we were together.  I love how everybody is fun to be with and how each of us are as excited about this as the other.  Maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder, because it also made our UBE a lot more fun. :)

To the “famous fourteen”, thank you guys, for the weekend well-spent and for the overflowing supply of lovely memories.

Though our ULTIMATE boat ride was definitely a risky act, and though the Mindoro Sling left us numb (still, let’s thank it for the BONDING it brought about), being with you guys is and will always be an unforgettable EXPERIENCE.

Until the next UBE mga labs, is it Boracay this time? ;p


Maudey said...

short and sweet! shikes, nappressure ako! *_*

jaq b. said...

mapressure ka talaga labs! i'm still waiting for your posts! :)

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