Saturday, October 30, 2010

The “Do not drink the Mindoro Sling” Rule

Do not drink the Mindoro Sling 
(or do, if you wanna get wasted ;p)

No, don’t be fooled by the first taste.  This drink might not spank you at the first few drinks, but it surely will and when it does, you will find yourself… errrr… scratch that, you will not find yourself! Haha!

Don’t get me wrong, the Mindoro Sling is sweet tasting.  One of the few drinks I could stomach because it tastes just like juice, the alcohol content is not dominating at all, which I love.  But after the tenth drink (an estimate, haha) you will experience a little dizziness.  But you will not mind that because you are having a good time, what with the party feel of the place plus the fire dancing going on here and there, you will not mind the lightheadedness.  Heck, you’ll take a few more.  You’ll laugh and giggle with your friends not knowing you already finished one tower and is now waiting for the second.  You will doubt yourself if you could still handle more drinking but you just cannot let this bonding end.  So you take a few more.  And more. And some more ;p.  You’ll take a swaying trip to the C.R. every once in while, that’s just normal, and when you meet your tipsy friends there, you’ll laugh at yourselves and how drunk you are, that’s just normal too.  What the hell, you will not mind if you’re noisy or scandalous with your acts, you can’t control it anyway.  Going back, you’ll see one of your pals vomiting her stomach out.  Is that normal, too? Of course. Haha! If you did vomit, you’ll hate the feeling, but if you didn’t you’ll wish you did thinking that that will make you feel better.

You’ll float your way back to the house, laughing and shouting some more, then you’ll eventually lie flat on your back and fall into a deep sleep.

Waking up, you’ll still feel woozy, but you’ll feel much better now.  You and your friends will talk about the nasty things that happened the night before and you’ll laugh while somebody is reenacting someone else’s comedic feats.  You’ll watch pictures and videos of you thinking “I did that?!” while laughing your heart out. :)

Ahhh… The Mindoro Sling, taking you by surprise, leaving you with unforgettable memories.  What else can I say? Drink at your own risk? :D


Maudey said...

What can I say? Another remarkable post! ^_^ Bravo! Oh wait, I'm not tipsy, ok?! :P

jaq b. said...

wahahaha! thanks tol! :) you're not tipsy? that's not normal! hahahaha!

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