Friday, April 29, 2011

The 30 day blog challenge - Day 14

a picture of something you ate and 10 confessions

just grabbed the pic here ;)
Now, confessions:

  1. I hate hot milo, or any hot choco drink at that.  I love ‘em ice cold. :)
  2. I’ve never grown to love drinking milk.  I feel nasusuka when I drink them.
  3. When my friends borrow my D10, and I see their underwater pictures uploaded in FB, I get jealous.  Hahaha!
  4. I kept a diary during my highschool days.  In fact, I used to own more than one.  I am madrama like that.
  5. During my kabataan, whenever I see unused notebooks in our house (or even used ones that still has a number of clean pages) I immediately think of what to do with it.  Hence, confession number 4.  Other uses were: Slumbook (or autograph as we often called it, I used to have lots of that too), song book, poem book, text quote book, etc. Hihi.
  6. I am a cry baby. It’s just not obvious.  Haha.
  7. I set my alarm clock 1 hour before my target time of waking up.  I maximize the “snooze” functionality a damn lot.
  8. I always have the tendency to bite more than I can chew (figuratively speaking, ok?)
  9. I can be a total bitch sometimes.  I’m just lucky some people stay. Hihi.
  10. Yesterday, for the first time, I saw a half-brother of mine (well, I saw his FB profile).  He’s the age of my kuya (early thirties) and boy does he look like tatay (and kuya too)!  Haha!  Yeah, I only learned about him yesterday.  I know we have lots of half-kapatids all over the Philippines, haha, but I didn’t know there is one as old as him.

There. I said it.  Hehe.

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