Sunday, October 10, 2010

jaq rules for a month now!


Unbelievable. :)

Happy one month blog!  My wishes for you:  I hope you be filled with more sensible posts.  I hope those sensible posts earn you more loyal followers.  Most of all, I hope your author will not get tired of you. Haha! I'm just glad you got to reach your first month! :)

One month on a 10-10-10! :)  Now if you may excuse me, I want to post my 10th rule on this 10th day of the 10th month of year 2010.

Weeeeee!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy first month of blogging!!! Hoping for more blog posts and awards in the upcoming months and years! Hihi. =)

Maudey said...

Congrats tol! You are so rocking this blogging thing :)

sadly still not in the mood to write,

jaq b. said...

@Leah - thanks! an award sounds good! haha.. :)

@maudey - thanks! :D you're one of the inspirations so better find that mood. madami ka nang utang!! hahaha.. :)

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