Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Follow Through Rule

stop declaring what your new year's resolutions are,
just shut up and  follow through!

Of course, it is the beginning of the year.  We don’t know why but there’s something about this season that makes us want to start anew.  Maybe because it hits us with the thought: “Hey! I was blessed another year, why don’t I make wrong things right this time?”  So we sit down, we reflect, we list the things we wanted to change, we maybe scratch out a few guilty pleasures and we call it our New Year’s Resolutions.

Not only that, we talk about it with friends (who secretly are tired of hearing the same set of resolutions from you every effin' year but are ignorantly making the same list themselves, too), we think of ways on how we could make it happen, we get inspired by it, we believe ourselves that we can do it.   

All those, happen on the first week of January.

The week after that?  Nothing but normal.  Seven days after January 1 is long enough for us to shake off the spirit of the holiday season from our minds.  It’s not that hard because school and work and traffic and the news effortlessly help us forget.  So to cut it short, the New Year we felt one week ago eventually becomes not so new anymore.

And what happens with the New Year’s Resolutions?  FORGOTTEN.  Haha.

Of course, maybe not all of us forget, but I bet MOST of us do.  I don’t need to prove that I’m correct in saying this because I just am. ;p

Imagine a world of fulfilled New Year’s resolutions (if you can):

  • We would all be thin!
  • Cigarette/Alcoholic drink producing companies will be closed
  • Rush hour  will be at 4 or 5 in the morning because everybody will be coming to work/school early
  • We would all be rich!
  • We would all be healthy!
  • We would all be organized!
  • No broken families!
  • We would all be geniuses.
  • We would all be saints.

My point is, we don’t need a new year to wake us up from our wrong doings.  New Years pass; todays don’t (well, except if you’re dying, I hope not, haha).  So whatever it is that you think needs to be uninstalled from your system, do it, don’t wait for a new year, just do it and do it today.

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