Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Do Not Blog Rule

kung pipilitin mo at hindi na totoo, 
ang awit na natapos mo ay mawawalan ng tono

translation: If you force it and it's no longer sincere, the song you will have done will have no melody..

One of the subjects I had during my first year in college (English Proficiency Instructions it is, according to Maude) required a Journal.  It was not a diary-type of journal where we’d have to narrate our everyday lives.  It was more of like this, a blog, on a notebook.  We’d just have to write anything we want, any topic, once a week, and submit it to our professor for her to check.

I remember one time, I wasn’t on the mood for writing but I had to compose an entry because it was a freakin’ requirement.  The feeling I felt at the time, it is the same feeling I have now. I am so not in the mood to blog and I’m so sorry. Huhu.


Yesterday, I searched for the old notebook that is also the journal I had six years ago.  I wanted to know what I wrote the day when my mood is not for writing.  I knew it is something significant, and voila, I was right! Haha!  The journal entry I had for that day was entitled “To write or not to write?”

I want to share the whole of the entry and I want to make it a rule.  To not force myself into making a blog post if my heart's not in it.  Just please excuse me if it’s so first-year-college, haha! Ignore the wrong grammar, too, okay? Haha! Here it is (I inserted some comments, laughing at yourself is good sometimes you know ;p):

TO WRITE OR NOT TO WRITE? (that is the question, haha, comment lang to, pag kulay blue, comment ha?)

What would you do if you need to write something and yet your brain just couldn’t function well?  What if it’s a project or a school requirement or a journal entry?  Would you still write?  Do you think you could end up with a nice composition if your thinking couldn’t unite with your heart and your hands?  Would you still write? I wouldn’t.

“…kung pipilitin mo, at di na totoo, ang awit na natapos mo ay mawawalan ng tono…” – this line from a Filipino song (of course, it is a Filipino song, it has Filipino words dammit! ;p) explains that you should not force yourself to write if you really don’t want to, or else you might end up with a non-sense composition (or one with poor grammar, haha).  Writing is not just simply writing, (I didn’t know how to use Thesaurus back then, please don’t count the word “writing” or “write”) it should be done with a heart.  Just imagine what songs we’d be singing if the composers didn’t have the heart in composing.  What novels we would be reading if the authors haven’t dedicated their minds in the story they are writing.  What I’m trying to point out here (may point ka te?!?!), is that we must not write for the sake of having a product (a what?!?! Haha!)… instead, we must write to express our thoughts, opinions and feelings.  You might say that it’s too complicated… with the time requirement and everything, you just can’t put your feelings in writing, but in the end, you’ll see how good it feels to know that people understand you just by merely reading your work. (okay, now I’m lost)

The end.

Aside from the poor choice and redundancy of words, you get my point right?  Haha!  I want to post something new, if I could everyday, believe me I want to, but I’m still not having the inspiration to do so.  So again, excuse me while I hibernate. :)

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