Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear D10,

Why do you have to give up on me exactly one day after your warranty expired? Seriously, you (among other things) really make me sad. Was I not good to you? :(

I do not want to start counting the things I've done for you but I'm really upset because you died on me and I don't know how it happened and I don't know who or what to blame. All I want to do now is to blame you, because you left me... Why? :(

You were the first ever gadget I bought from my hard earned promotional increase when I became an SE. When the strap that came with you for free got broken, I immediately bought you a new one; I even added a case because I don't want you lying around without protection. Your case was not an ordinary case, you know. It was not available to be bought on the mall and no other case can replace it because it was built only for your kind. I could've bought some pouch that's not as expensive, but I didn't. I bought you YOUR case and nothing less. :(

I was not greedy of you, I never was. :( I let my friends borrow you when they go out of town, because I know how helpful you will be for them. Heck you’ve been to places before I am. I even let my brother borrow you even though I don't trust him because he's burara. He proved it when he lost your case when he went on a field trip. I was very mad then, I wanted to let him replace it but I know he has no money so I just went ahead to buy a new one for you and I purchased it IMMEDIATELY. The feeling I felt when your first case was delivered, that was the same feeling I had when the replacement came. I was very relieved. That's how much I didn't want you to be homeless. :(

I admit there are times that I take you for granted and I am so sorry for that. :( But I got back to my senses right? I even made a blog post about it. :( About how I was so wrong of almost losing my love for you and how much I was so proud of you for proving me wrong. Was that not enough? :(

Seriously D10, I still need you, please don't die on me yet. :( I'm not yet ready to buy a new camera, just looking at how broad other options are makes my head ache. I'm really confused right now. I just wish you come back from the dead so that this madness will all be over.

Please don't leave me. :( I miss you. :'(

Tired of reading camera reviews,


Maudey said...

Award ang complimentary close! Hahaha..

But I agree with you labs, sana marealize ni D10 na di ka nagkulang sa kanya.. At bumalik na sya.. We miss him too.. huhuhuhu

Jejo said...

Napamahal na nga din ako kay D10 mo eh. Sometimes I prefer using it than an SLR pa, especially when capturing night shots. Everything happens for a reason naman. Maybe it's time to say hello to S95.

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