Saturday, September 24, 2011

The "Hate you Body" Rule

One genius fictional character once said:
"The key to my exercise program is this one simple truth: I hate my body. You understand that the second you look in the mirror and you're happy with what you see, baby, you just lost the battle."
That genius is one of my idols, haha, Dr. Cox from Scrubs (my still number 1 favorite comedy series even after I fell in love with Sheldon Cooper).  You see, this is Dr. Cox's body:

But we are not going to concentrate on that.  Haha.

We're going to concentrate on what he said - hate your body.  Why?

Because the moment you feel contented about it, the moment you think that it is just about what you want, you will stop striving to make it better.  And when you stop, you become unconscious of what you eat and of what you do to your body and when that happens, you'll end up F.A.T.

I was once thin, heck Kim Chiu thin, chos! Haha! But because I have always been that way since I was a kid, I never thought that I would ever get fat.  I was very matakaw then, but up to the first couple of years in college my waist line was still 25 or 26-ish and I LOVED it.  I loved my body because it's been always like that even when I don't make any efforts to maintain it, even when I just be my matakaw and tamad self.

Five years later, my gluttony and sloth took a toll on me.  Huhuhu.  I tried dieting but as it was only a "try" it didn't "do." :(  Well, it was effective for a while, but only for a very short while.  Haha!

BUT since I have grown hatred to my braso, to my bilbils and to my double chin, I decided again to take on the journey towards a sexier slimmer me.  Thank goodness for the free use of gym in our company, I have been working out (twice a week) for two months now :)  I've already let go of 1 kilo and because my gym buddy (a colleague) is so determined to do this seriously, (and I don't know why, she's thin naman, haha) plus the gym instructors there are very helpful and friendly, I think I will never grow tired of burning these fats, come muscular pains or body aches. :)

But the gym and I have a love-hate relationship. I may love what it does to me, but it has its pros and cons.  Let me share them with you, the positive first :)


1. Working out makes me feel guilty eating carbs, sweets and fatty food.  Though I never intended to be strict about my diet anymore, because I heard that holding back will only make your cravings worse, but I suddenly don't get attracted to weight gaining food anymore.  Especially during gym days, hehe.

2. I'd been sick last weekend (ubo at sipon) that I couldn't bring myself to the gym last Tuesday.  But I managed to drag myself to work out last Thursday (kasi scared akong maka-miss, haha) and to my surprise, by Friday, I'm okay na! :)  I don't know if the workout cured me, pero I can't help but think so.  Kasi naman, everybody in the office is barking their throats out since September came, never ako nahawa, naulanan lang talaga ko nung last Saturday kaya nagkaron ng pagkakataon ang sipon na umarrive eh, haha. :D

3. The obvious advantage of course, I don't look masagwa anymore when wearing my old blouses, hihi.

4. Bumagay na sa'kin ulit ang short hair because my double chin and chubby cheeks are starting to disappear na, haha!

5. I'm starting to feel beautiful again (not to mention my self confidence is also coming back, hahaha) ^_^

6. I started to become closer to God.  When I do a difficult routine, I always say "Diyos ko po", "Diyos ko, Lord", "Ay Diyos ko", etc. at the end of it, sometimes in between counts pag sooper hirap.  Haha!


1. I sometimes become bobo sa math, haha!  We do our routines 20 or 30 counts each, but when the exercise stresses me out, I sometimes get confused kung anong next sa 10, 15 na ba? 18 na? Yes, last two! Hahaha!

2. My integrity is being scarred, hahaha.  When I get pagod na for the 2nd and 3rd sets, dinadaya ko na ang bilang, wahahaha!  But I try not to do this anymore, except kung nilelevel up nila kuya ang exercise, kasi naman syempre tatantyahin ko muna kung kaya ko diba, wahaha! << nagdadahilan :p

3. I learned the art of revenge.  Haha!  One time when my gym buddy and I saw na sila kuya din pala ang tagahugas ng mugs na ginagamit dun sa gym.  Aba! An idea popped to our minds.  Damihan natin ang paggamit ng mugs pag pinapahirapan nila tayo, wahaha!  Joke lang, pero seriously sometimes I think of intentionally doing that, hahaha :p

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