Sunday, September 4, 2011


my official excuse letter

Okay, so I was an absentee blogger for almost a month.  Sorry.. hihi.  But this didn't happen just because I'm tamad (well, it's partly that) but the bigger reason for this is because of this stupid desktop.  The PC shuts down as soon as it was turned on.  

When my pamangkin noticed that the keyboard types by itself, we automatically thought that the keyboard was virused (if that's ever possible. Is it? Haha).  Therefore, our first aid treatment, so everyone could still go on with their internet dependent lives, is to disconnect the keyboard.  Voila! It worked!  The PC stopped shutting down but we also lost access to typing, or so we thought.  Thank Windows God for the "on screen keyboard" functionality of Windows, for helping us log in to facebook, errr, for helping us key in letters without actually having the "keyboard" connected.

How can I be madaldal click-per-click?  I simply cannot be.
Anyways, I found out that this is not caused by a virus.  I googled it and it turns out that this is a hardware defect, not of the keyboard, but of the CPU (I don't know if it's this or this).  In fact, there are days when we try to connect the keyboard and the PC doesn't shut down (like today, hehe).  Anyhoo.. for now, nobody is planning to fix this freaking problem, not even me.  So until everything is fine (or until I get to buy a new laptop), expect low frequency of posts.

I'm happy I'm not typing by clicking today,

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