Sunday, September 4, 2011

The 30 day blog challenge - Day 19

Nicknames you have and how or why you have them

Before everything else, my first name is "Jaquiline."  No second name, all my other siblings have one worded first names, too.  But I maybe have a simple name, but people can unbelievably derive a handful of nicknames from "Jaquiline".

LenLen or Len - Yeah, I have a very traditional Pinoy nickname where one syllable is repeated twice, haha!  This has been my nickname ever since, as they say, "nagka-utak ako".  I don't know how or who amongst my family decided to call me that, but I'm assuming it came from the "line" of "Jaquiline".  The people who call me Len are my family (of course), my friends from the neighborhood, people from the neighborhood who aren't my friends and highschool close friends.

Jacque - If I remember it right, I used this nickname after Mylene Dizon starred in ABS-CBN's "FLAMES".  You know, that TV series from Channel 2 that featured various cheesy love stories when we were young?  That.  I was in elementary then, Mylene Dizon's character is "Jacque" and I found it cute. Thus, it became my nickname.  Haha.  Elementary, highschool and even some college friends call me this.

Que - Pronounced as "KE".  This, I got from my highschool friends. It is actually a nickname derived from "Jacque", an nickname of a nickname, if you may.

QueQue - Pronounced as... you know.  I also got this from my highschool friends, but the ones with dirty minds.  Haha! I didn't mind though, I think this was thought of when we were playing a game of "pa-panget-an ng pangalan".  Hehe.

Jaq - Now this, this is the nickname I am currently known using. I don't know why this has only been thought of when I was in college na, nagkatamaran na lang ng syllables? Haha.  This is also my favorite nickname. :)  People I met during and after college call me this.

Uiline - This is really not an "official" nickname, I just wanted to share this to you because I think the origin of it is funny.  Haha.  My college barkada, yes all of them girls, they all have second names.  Me, NIL.  One time we were out to play bowling and in the score board, they entered their second names as their "alias".  For me, since I have none, they declared it to be "Uiline".  Sweet, no?  Bow.

P.S. I also answer to "tol", "labs", "friend", "sis", "te", "(i was supposed to include what V calls me, but no ;p)".

It's 4am already, I will sleep na,

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Maudey said...

The last one is the runaway winner for me.. hahaha

welcome back Jaq b.! I hope the damn keyboard won't stop working na.. :)

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