Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The 30 day blog challenge - Day 17

someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Believe it or not, I got stuck in this 30-day blog challenge thinking about this one.  I have tried so many times to make a draft about it, but I always failed.  For a long time, I only thought of Kuya Kim (regarding the subject of course) because I wanted to know if he's telling the truth in every trivia he shares or he's just bluffing because nobody would even care to check the facts.  But I can't just reason that out, can I?!  (Plus, it's lame too, I know).  So I gave it time and time paid off. Like this is a big deal, haha

Well, after thinking deeply about it, I realized I don't want to switch lives with a certain "somebody" for a day; nobody is that intriguing to me.  But! But! After being so addicted to "How I Met Your Mother" over the past month (late bloomer alert), I somehow wished I was one of those guys.  No, I don't want to be a hollywood actress.  I just want to be a quasi-fictional character from an American comedy series.  Even for a day.

my second favorite comedy series as of the moment
numero uno pa din ^_^
I want to be surrounded by people whose words will bring laughter in the background every other minute of my day.  Not that the people around me now are boring, I assure you, they aren't (I'm good at picking friends you know, haha).

I want to live an imperfect life and be able to make punch lines (or quotable quotes) about it.

I want to skip all the boring things that happen to me and focus on the ones that matter (I can always have a crystal clear flashback, after all).

I want to have an interesting story, even a snippet of my day that would brighten somebody else's when they hear about it.

I want to live in a world where awful things, if they ever happen, get resolved in a maximum of 45 minutes (when an episode ends, that is).

I want my days to be spontaneous.

Most importantly, I want the people I love (the main cast) to stay with me from Season 1 to the end of the series.  Only those whose roles are less significant can go.  The main cast should never ever leave.

Daydreamingly yours,

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Maudey said...

beautifully written, labs! moooooore!! :)

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