Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Puerto Princesa Trip - A&A Plaza Hotel

Before anything else, I would just like to say that although the flights (back and forth) were delayed, I'm glad we were booked to AirPhil Express (although the voucher said Zest Air).  Our first flight was really smooth, contradicting to the comparisons I've heard between AirPhil and CebuPac.  Well, I haven't tried CebuPac yet, but my experience in AirPhil was good enough for me.  Basta hindi ako na-trauma, okay na ko dun.  Bow.

The voucher also said that we will be staying in Kookaburra Lodge.  But by some sort of luck, the e-travel docket said that we were reserved to stay in A&A Plaza Hotel.  Luck, because I've honestly never heard of Kookaburra Lodge before.  On the other hand, I have a friend who's been to A&A Plaza Hotel and I heard no negative feedback about the place from her.  So mas bet ko na ito.

Upon landing, I was worried about what sign board I'm going to look for.  Will I look for the hotel's welcome signboard?  Or should I look for Ensemble?  Haha!  Good thing, I immediately saw A&A's.  I actually didn't expect them to be our sundo, I was just going to ask if they are -- or if not, maybe they knew how the freak we're going to get there.  Haha!  But honestly, I was not expecting any special treatments since what we availed was for a promotional price only.  But to my delight, aba, my name was on the list! Haha! *ako na ang di mapaghangad*  We were directed by the driver to a van on which we waited for other A&A customers.  Three couples kameng sinundo pala.  Ang cute, lahat pala kami nag-avail nung deal.  Haha! *oo, nakita kong may hawak silang printed travel docket*

Sharing time : Our flight was scheduled early morning, so I had worries if they will allow early check in.  If not, will they let us leave our things while we roam around the city, will our things be safe?  If yes, will they charge us additional fees?  Thanks sweetness, the travel agent whom I was exchanging e-mails with texted me the night before our flight.  It impressed me because he also sent reminders ekek and told that I could text him before or during the tour if I have questions.  So I asked him about the early check in trouble I am having.  Aba'y kamukat-mukat mo, hindi na nagreply?!  Very sweet.  Grr.

Buti na lang, libre ang early check in (as long as your room is already available).  Swerte namen ni V because out of the three couples na sinundo, yung room lang namin ang available na agad.  Waiting pa sila.  Hehe.

Presenting… A&A Plaza Hotel.



Our room:

To sum up my experience in this hotel : The location is perfect.  A few minute drive from almost everything - airport, restaurants, kapitolyo, palengke, etc.  Customer Service is great.  The staff are always smiling and the receptionists are accomodating.  They also have a scheduled room service every morning where they will offer to clean your room and replace the sheets and towels if you would want to.  The room is neat, but we can hear the neighboring room's sounds with clarity, haha.  Maybe the walls are too thin and not sound proof, I hope they can improve on that.  WiFi signal is perfect even inside the room, which I liked.  The food served during breakfast is okay, nothing special.  Good thing is that it's served buffet style, at andami nilang choices ha.. bawi na sila dun.

I'll rate this hotel 4 out of 5.  Minus one lang kasi naturn off ako sa naririnig nameng sounds from the other room.  Hehehe. :)

Next up: 

Puerto Princesa Trip - City Tour ^_^


lovelyrej said...

got the same deals, thanks for this and still waiting for your palawan experience so i got to have an idea..^^

lovelyrej said...

hello, purchased the same voucher and we are scheduled on February. so i am glad to read your experience and thanks to you..but looking forward for palawan experience..^^ Thanks

lovelyrej said...

purchased the same deals, scheduled on feb. thanks to your blog got an idea about it. lookfing forward to your next blog about palawan experience.

jaq b. said...

hello lovelyrej! glad i could help! :)

i will do my *very* best to complete this before february for you, haha, wish me luck!! ^_^

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